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Support Customers on Any System or Device, Anywhere

Whether you support specific technology products or provide full IT services, your customers expect their technology to work.  And when it doesn’t, they expect you to fix it…immediately.  Trying to walk through a technology problem over the phone wastes valuable time and can be frustrating for both the customer and the support agent.  That’s why remote support tools that allow you to see the screen, control the system and quickly fix the issue are imperative.

Unfortunately, most of the tools available for remotely supporting customers fall short in one area or another.  Some require a pre-installed software client on the customer’s computer and won’t work through firewalls without configuration.  Others can’t connect to all of the operating systems and mobile devices that your customers use.  And Software as a Service (SaaS) remote support products route sensitive customer data and system access through third-party datacenters which lie outside your control raising security issues.

The value that Bomgar has delivered to PlumChoice has been increased productivity at the agent level and better gross margins. Working with a world-class partner, such as Bomgar, drives innovation in the products and services that we deliver to major companies today.
Rich Surace, Senior VP of Operations, PlumChoice

The Solution

Bomgar equips customer support centers with a secure, web-enabled remote support solution that lets you support any customer, using any platform or device, anywhere in the world. Your support reps will resolve issues more efficiently, improving productivity and customer satisfaction. Plus, the Bomgar appliance keeps access to your customers’ systems and data safe and sound behind your own firewall and security measures.

  • Web-Enabled: Bomgar works seamlessly through corporate firewalls without requiring a VPN or other configuration, and remote support sessions can be initiated in seconds without requiring pre-installed software.
  • Multi-platform:  With Bomgar, support agents can remotely connect to and support desktops, laptops, and mobile devices running nearly any platform, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry. Support reps can see the screen, control the mouse and work as if physically in front of the device. Bomgar also allows reps to provide support from their preferred device, including Windows, Mac and Linux systems, plus iPads, iPhones, and Android devices via Bomgar’s Mobile Rep Consoles.
  • Security:  The Bomgar appliance protects your support team and customers by keeping system access and data behind your own firewall and security measures, integrating with your identity management tools, and capturing a full audit trail, including video recordings, of all remote support activity. 
  • Integrated Chat: With Bomgar's Click-to-Chat feature, support agents can chat with customers through a flash-based chat interface. If the customer needs more help, the support rep can use Bomgar to seamlessly escalate the chat to a screen sharing or remote control session.
  • Session Routing:  Bomgar’s Equilibrium feature automatically distributes remote support sessions to the proper team or agent based on skills and availability, reducing transfers and escalations.  And Bomgar’s tabbed interface allows reps to handle multiple customers at once.
  • Communication & Collaboration: Bomgar enables support teams to swarm around issues by allowing multiple people to collaborate within a single remote support session, increasing first contact resolution and improving the end-user’s overall experience.
  • Scripts & Tools: With Bomgar you can create, organize, and catalogue any number of pre-built scripts. This enables your customer support center to automate troubleshooting, routine diagnostics and remediation. Scripts can also reference a file for more robust tasks, such as software installations.
  • Customized Customer Portals: Bomgar’s Portals feature lets you create multiple websites for handling remote support requests. These portals can be customized to match your products’ or your customers' branding.
  • Monitoring & Reporting: Bomgar enables you to monitor all remote support sessions in real time. Administrators can transfer sessions, join sessions, or even view the rep’s entire desktop for performance monitoring. Additionally, Bomgar’s customizable exit survey enables you to gauge your most important metric, customer satisfaction, on a session by session basis.
  • Concurrent Licensing: Bomgar's concurrent licensing means you only need to buy the number of licenses that will be in use at the same time. Even with thousands of systems and hundreds of reps, you only pay for logged-in agents, which is ideal for large support centers offering 24-hour support.
The Bomgar solution has enabled Fiserv staff to increase access to remote presence by more than 300%, of which 27% is revenue generating, and improve overall customer satisfaction.
Phil Demuth, VP, Head of Internal Systems, Fiserv

Used by Thousands of Customer Support Centers Worldwide

Bomgar is the top remote support choice for support centers large and small, including:

  • 20 of the Fortune 50
  • 6 of the top 10 Worldwide Hotel Groups
  • 44 of the 50 U.S. State Governments
  • 12 of the 15 Departments of the Federal Executive Branch
Implementation of Bomgar was fairly straightforward compared to other solutions we’ve used. When you’ve got 5,000+ support reps in different countries, a unified remote support toolset is extremely powerful.
Luc Poirier, Global Desktop Systems Management Engineering Manager, CSC

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