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Our volume has increased by almost 75% in the last three years with the same staffing level, so our cost per incident has reduced by almost 50%. Bomgar definitely helps improve the overall customer experience.

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Cross-Platform Remote Support from Your Preferred Device

Remote Desktop Control Software Cross-Platform

Bomgar lets you support all of your systems over the web, even if they are behind firewalls you don’t control.

Support customers on remote desktops running Windows, Mac or various Linux distros. Or support a variety of mobile devices - including Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

Bomgar replaces multiple remote control tools with one.

Product Overview

Appliance-Based Security. No Monthly Fees.

Bomgar Remote Support Appliance
Bomgar Remote Support Appliance

With the Bomgar Box you’ll keep sensitive data behind your own firewall, under the security measures you already have in place. Every support session generates a detailed audit trail. And you’ll eliminate the risk of passing data through a third party. 

The Bomgar Box

Integrate Remote Support with Your Systems

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You’ve already invested in systems management, service desk and CRM systems to run your help desk more efficiently. Your remote desktop support software should fit seamlessly into your environment and take advantage of the investment you’ve made. That’s why Bomgar offers pre-built integrations for the leading service desk, CRM, and systems management solutions.

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Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Total Cost of Remote Support: Bomgar Licenses vs. SaaS Named Seats Over 7 Years
Total Cost of Remote Support: Bomgar Licenses vs. SaaS Named Seats Over 7 Years

With Bomgar, you own the remote support appliance, eliminating the monthly fees of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Plus, Bomgar offers concurrent licensing so you only pay for the number of licenses in use at any one time.

The Bomgar Value Assessment will help you compare costs and build a business case for remote support.

Value Assessment

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