Appliance-Based Remote Support Software

Cross Platform Remote Support Software

With Bomgar, you can support customers on remote computers running Windows, Mac or various Linux distros.

You can also support a variety of mobile devices - including Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

All through a secure appliance from your preferred device!

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What is Bomgar ... in 154 Seconds

Bomgar's remote support solution enables you to remotely access and fix nearly any device, running any platform, located anywhere in the world.

Control multiple systems, chat with multiple end-users, and collaborate with other reps to fix problems faster.

Unlike old-school point-to-point remote access tools and cloud-based solutions, Bomgar routes all activity through a secure appliance that sits behind your firewall.

Appliance-Based Security. No Monthly Fees.

With the Bomgar Box you’ll keep sensitive data behind your own firewall, under the security measures you already have in place. Every support session generates a detailed audit trail. Plus, you’ll eliminate the monthly fees of software-as-a-service, lowering your total cost over time.

Remote Support for End-Users and Systems

Supporting Windows 8 from Mac OS X
See and control remote computers, no matter the OS

Customers can request remote assistance whenever they need it. Or you can access remote desktops, servers and network devices whenever you want. No matter the scenario, Bomgar works elegantly, replacing multiple remote control tools. 

So whether it’s a critical Linux server in another network, or an executive’s Mac laptop at a hotel, you’ll be able to support it. 

Support Mobile Devices ... on Both Sides of the Support Session

iPad Request Remote Assistance
Request remote assistance from other reps, teams or vendors

Support Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices with the same tool you use for PC support. Every supported platform is included in the core product at no additional charge - even mobile device platforms. 

Mobile Representative Console Apps even let you work from an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Android device.

Secure Chat, Co-Browsing and Web Support

For many support organizations, web-related tickets are on the rise. Traditional remote control tools, like RDP and VNC, just won’t work in these scenarios.

But with Bomgar, your help desk becomes an online presence.

Create branded support portals. Embed chat support on your website. Launch a collaborative browser sharing session. Annotate the remote screen. And more!

Collaborate with Other Reps and Subject Matter Experts

When peaks in demand occur, they rarely do so uniformly. So Bomgar helps you automate support session distribution. Route incoming support requests to the right representative, support group or vendor.

Not only can you spread the support load evenly, you can also collaborate over critical incidents. Experts and vendors can assist lower tier reps, reducing escalation rates, increasing first contact resolution and improving the end-user’s overall experience

Control Vendor Access

Create a Bomgar Embassy to control vendor access privileges
Diagram: Create a Bomgar Embassy to control vendor access privileges

Since collaboration may involve outside reps, you can define permissions for anyone invited into a support session.

Rep Invite and Embassy give you a secure, auditable, multi-platform solution for vendor remote access.

Perform Online Meetings and Training

Screen Annotations
Use Screen annotations to draw and write on the remote screen

Bomgar gives you a simple, intuitive way to train end-users with online presentations. Simply choose to share your screen or certain applications, then start your training session.

During a presentation, attendees can chat with the presenter, chat with everyone attending and change the scale the viewing area to better see your screen. You can even use screen annotations to draw and write on the remote screen.

Integrate Bomgar with Your Existing Infrastructure

You’ve already invested in systems management, service desk and CRM systems to run your help desk more efficiently. Bomgar integrates seamlessly into your environment to take advantage of the investment you’ve made.

That’s why Bomgar offers pre-built integrations for the leading service desk, CRM, and systems management solutions.