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Bomgar is the leading provider of secure remote support solutions that enable technology support professionals to access and fix any device, anywhere. Companies large and small across a wide range of industries have chosen Bomgar to significantly improve end-user satisfaction while drastically reducing support costs. Bomgar offers a unified remote support solution that does not require expensive add-ons or upgrades to work with different platforms or for different use cases.  With Bomgar, all of your remote support needs are covered within a single, centralized solution. 


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The Bomgar remote support solution is used by thousands of customers who span nearly every imaginable industry, including Government, Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, and Technology Services. With the ability to support from 1-10,000 technicians, Bomgar is the ideal choice for technology support organizations both large and small. 

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Whether your organization is a help desk supporting internal employees or a support center assisting customers, Bomgar offers the features you need to support all of your systems and devices, located anywhere in the world. From desktops and laptops, to smartphones and tablets, to servers and switches, Bomgar enables you to remotely access and fix all of your computing systems, speeding time to resolution and increasing end-user satisfaction.

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Total Cost of Remote Support: Bomgar Licenses vs. SaaS Named Seats Over 7 Years
Total Cost of Remote Support: Bomgar Licenses vs. SaaS Named Seats Over 7 Years

The Bomgar Value Engineering Group offers a structured and efficient process for assessing the value of remote support. We help customers define the business value associated with remote support within the context of their unique business and IT strategies. Bomgar can help reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your remote support solution, while improving your team's productivity and service levels.

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