Android Support

Android support includes remote control, file transfer, chat support, plus the ability to view system info, kill processes, and uninstall apps.

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Remote Control Android Phones and Tablets

Bomgar enables full remote control of Android phones and tablets made by Samsung, and many remote support tools for non-Samsung Android devices.

With Android-powered Samsung devices, support techs have full screen-sharing and remote control from a PC running Windows, Mac or Linux.

Reps can also use live chat support, manage Android system info, do secure file transfer and more.

The Bomgar Support Client for Samsung gives end-users an easy method for requesting help with their Android-powered Samsung devices.

Samsung Android Support Capabilities

Once the remote support session begins, the technician can chat with the end user, see the screen, kill processes, uninstall apps, and control the Android device to resolve the issue. He can also share the session with other team members or external vendors if additional assistance is needed.

Remote Control Android Tablet
Use Bomgar to remote control android devices made by Samsung

Screen Sharing

See what the end-user sees anywhere on their Android-powered Samsung smartphone or tablet in real time.

Remote Control

Navigate the screen, access applications, and type and click as if you’re holding the device in your hands.

Secure Chat Support for Android
Chat securely with Android end-users

Chat Support

Chat back and forth with the end-user within the remote support session.

System Info

View key system info, kill processes, and uninstall apps on Android devices. Viewable system information including OS version, memory, apps, and more.

File Transfer

Transfer files to and from the Android device.

Multiple Sessions

Support Android devices while simultaneously working on other systems and devices through session tabs – no add-ons or upgrades required.

Support from any Platform

Provide support to Android devices from a Windows, Mac or Linux computer, or from an iPad, iPhone or any Android smartphone or tablet via Bomgar’s Mobile Rep Consoles.


Invite additional support technicians into a remote support session to collaboratively resolve the issue, or transfer the session to an expert.


As with every Bomgar session, each action taken and the entire chat transcript is logged and stored in your own secure Bomgar appliance, improving security and compliance.

Customer Client

Allow the end-user to launch the customer client by clicking on a link from an email or website.

Remote Support for Non-Samsung Android Devices

Support non-Samsung Android Devices
Support non-Samsung Android devices

Bomgar also offers remote support for Android smartphones and tablets produced by manufacturers other than Samsung.

With the Bomgar Support Client, available on Google Play, the remote user can chat with the representative, share images from the camera roll, and co-browse web sites. The representative can also transfer files, kill processes, uninstall apps, and view the system information.

Remote Desktop Support from Android Devices

Bomgar Android Remote Desktop App
Bomgar's Android remote desktop app lets you control remote computers from your Android tablet or phone

With Bomgar, support representatives can control remote desktops, servers and laptops from an Android tablet or smartphone.

Bomgar's mobile representative console for Android devices increases efficiency by allowing mobile support technicians to stay productive. 

A technician can control remote desktops and servers with a toolkit similar to the desktop version of the Bomgar representative console.  View only support is currently offered from one mobile device to another.  Full remote control is coming in a future release.

Not only are screen sharing and remote control available to technicians on Android devices, but a number of other Bomgar features, too.

For example, Bomgar Buttons, Chat Support, Jump Clients, Multi-Monitor Support, Multi-Session Support and Special Actions are all available to reps on Android devices.

Android Support Is Part of the Core Product

All of the Android support features are included in Bomgar’s core product. There are no additional charges for supporting mobile devices.

Android support is included because part of our vision is to help you consolidate remote support. We address with one secure, appliance-based solution what many vendors attempt to address with ten or more tools.

System Requirements for Android Support

Download Bomgar from Google Play
Get the Bomgar Support Client App
Google Play

Android App on Google Play

To support a customer on an Android device, the customer uses his Android device to download and install the Bomgar Support Client app from Google Play. Google Play is a pre-installed app on most Android devices.

Technician System

  • Android 2.3+ (Phone)
  • Android 3.0+ (Tablet)

BOMGAR App for Reps

Customer System (Samsung)

  • Android 2.3+ (Phone)
  • Android 2.3+ (Tablet)

Bomgar for Samsung

Customer System (non-Samsung)

  • Android 2.3+ (Phone)
  • Android 3.0+ (Tablet)

Bomgar for Android (non-Samsung)