Vendor Access Management

Customers can receive support from vendors without compromising security or purchasing additional remote tools.

Customers Can Manage & Secure Vendor Access

In a large company, hundreds or even thousands of vendor technicians periodically require remote access to application servers, network devices, or user’s desktops. But most companies have no organized management around vendor access and require that policies be written to attempt to control it. 

With Bomgar customers can use internal security policies to control every aspect of how vendors access their environment. They get the support they need without compromising security.

And for many Bomgar customers, vendor reps function as part of the overall support infrastructure.

How Vendor Access Management Works

Managed Remote Access for Vendors
Embassy enables managed vendor remote access to your corporate network

Rather than changing the methods of support delivery whenever a vendor is engaged, our customers want a seamless process for vendor collaboration. Bomgar’s Embassy and Rep Invite features enable just that. Any permission or group policy setting available for internal reps can be applied to vendors, too. Customers can even use availability routing or skills-based routing with vendors.

Our customers love the control Bomgar gives them for managing vendors. And many of their vendors become Bomgar customers just to get the functionality Bomgar offers!