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We do things a bit differently than our competitors

If you haven’t noticed already, we at Bomgar do things a bit differently than our competitors. We deploy on-premises, they float in “the cloud”. We let you own, they make you rent. We’re all inclusive, they’re a la carte. All those differences have implications for how we price our software and how you should think about the difference when you compare Bomgar to other tools.

How Many Technicians Log in at Once?

You’re probably accustomed to purchasing a license for every technician who may ever use a vendor’s software. Bomgar’s different. Instead of buying one license for each rep, you only buy enough licenses to cover your biggest shift.

With Bomgar, every rep gets his own user account for security purposes, but reps only use a license while they’re logged in.

Cross Platform Remote Support Software

How Many Other Tools Are You Replacing?

All of Bomgar’s robust functionality is included in the core product. That means you can replace a variety of software you’re currently licensing.

Bomgar supports Windows, Mac and Linux, so consolidate your platform-specific tools. Bomgar does ad hoc remote support and technician-initiated remote access, so replace your GoToMyPC, pcAnywhere, or LogMeIn deployments. You also get remote support for mobile devices like iPhones and Android Tablets, web-based chat support capabilities, vendor access management, secure SSH/Telnet and much more are included in the cost of each license.

One Fortune 500 IT outsourcer replaced 12 remote software tools when they bought Bomgar. So keep that in mind when making your comparisons.

Total Cost of Bomgar Remote Support Appliance
Total Cost of Bomgar Remote Support Appliance (CapEx)

Have You Added Up Their Monthly Fees?

Some applications are probably fine in “the cloud.” But because of the sensitive data transferred during remote support sessions, we think ownership is the best model.

Initially, owning Bomgar does cost more than renting from a competitor. But usually between 18-24 months, Bomgar starts looking significantly cheaper than the competition, and it only gets better from there.

If you’re planning on doing remote support for more than a few months, Bomgar offers the better value.

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