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How Our Remote Support Pricing Model Is Different

Thank you for your interest in buying Bomgar Remote Support Software.

Before you request pricing, we’d like to highlight a few key differences about our pricing model. These differences aren’t always apparent when comparing Bomgar to other remote support tools.

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1. Concurrent Licensing

Two common approaches to licensing software exist.

  • Concurrent Licenses - buy enough licenses for the number of reps simultaneously logged in
  • Account-based Licensing or Named seats - buy a license for every system you need to access or for every technician that uses the software.

While competitors sell named clients or seats, Bomgar offers true concurrent licensing. This model allows you to share licenses securely across multiple support reps, teams, shifts and geographies, cutting your costs dramatically - up to 50-70% for 24/7, follow-the-sun service desks.

2. All-Inclusive vs. a la Carte

Support Multiple Platforms

How many remote support tools do you need? If you buy Bomgar, you only need one.

All of Bomgar’s robust functionality is included in the core product. That means you can replace a variety of software you’re currently licensing. Each Bomgar Remote Support License includes:

  • All supported desktop platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • All supported mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry
  • All supported systems and methods: Desktops, mobile devices, network devices (SSH/Telnet), RDP management, help-desk ticketing integration capabilities, and more
  • All support scenarios: Ad hoc remote support, technician-initiated remote access, mobile device support, web-based chat support, 3rd party technician support, secure SSH/Telnet and much more
  • Presentation and training: Use screen sharing to perform online meetings or train end users

One Fortune 500 IT outsourcer replaced 12 remote software tools when they bought Bomgar. So keep that in mind when making your comparisons.

3. Flexible Buying Options

Bomgar Deployment Options

Bomgar purchasing options align with your allocated budget and financial requirements.

  • Capital Expenditure - Purchase perpetual licenses along with a physical or virtual Bomgar Appliance to reduce your total cost of ownership and ongoing cost. This is our "ownership model".
  • Operating Expenditure - Purchase a term license to reduce upfront costs while maintaining predictable yearly costs. Our "rental model" includes two options:
    • Term Licensing with Hardware: Lease a Bomgar Appliance with Term Licensing for scalable operations and on-site deployment.
    • Bomgar Cloud: Opt for a Bomgar Cloud appliance and get the benefits of appliance segmentation while maintaining predictable and scalable operations.