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Gourmet sandwich cyber-hack leaves FBI in a pickle

— The FBI has stepped in to issue a new malware warning after a restaurant chain's credit card system was compromised last week across several US states. The Jimmy John's ‘gourmet sandwich' chain was among other trading names linked to a cyber-attack designed to steal customers' personal financial data. Full Story

How can companies protect themselves from Point of Sale (POS) malware?

— When we talk about point of sale (POS) systems, security concerns are now often at the forefront of the conversation. In March, Cisco discovered a new breed of POS malware, dubbed “PoSeidon,” which infects machines to scrape memory for credit card information then exfiltrates that data to servers located elsewhere in the world. Full Story

20 of the Greatest Myths of Cloud Security

— Back in 2011, while reporting at the annual information security RSA Conference held in San Francisco, I asked attendees, “What’s the most over-hyped issue in security?” Universally everyone responded, “The cloud.” The cloud might have been hype four years ago, though today it’s a necessary business driver. Unfortunately, confusion on its effective use has given rise to a series of industry myths, often imbuing fear in many CIOs. Full Story

Bomgar Launches Privileged Access Management Solution: Sam Elliott Interview

— Back in January 2015 I had the privilege of speaking with Bomgar’s Boatner Blankenstein. In our conversation, we discussed a Ponemon study that said 71% of employees have access to data in a company that they probably shouldn’t have. Now, Bomgar has released a new solution which addresses this very threat. Full Story

Blum on Bomgar: Fabulously Functional Furniture Fittings

— Secure remote support and access management company Bomgar has signed Julius Blum GmbH as a new customer for global tech support and managed third-party privileged access. Located in Austria, Blum specialises in the production of functional furniture fittings. Full Story

Bomgar Introduces Privileged Access Management Solution

— This Tuesday, secure remote support and access management solutions provider Bomgar announced the newest addition to its solutions portfolio: Bomgar Privileged Access Management. Full Story

Bomgar Updates Platform to 15.1, Intros Secure Cloud Deployment

— Bomgar has updated its Bomgar Remote Support Platform, added a cloud deployment version and pricing of the platform, and introduced a new Privileged Access Management solution. Bomgar's technology was also one of the initial pre-certified applications to debut with the ServiceNow Store this week. Full Story

Who Watches the Watchers when You Outsource?

— A January 2015 study by PAC found that 79% of companies outsource all or part of their cybersecurity operations. While outsourcing can take away some of the pressures, responsibility for maintaining IT security can never be fully outsourced. It’s important to consider qui custodiet ipsos custodes, or ‘who watches the watchers?’ Should a data loss occur, the breached company holds the ultimate responsibility, whether their security infrastructure is managed in-house or externally. Full Story

Customer service: the rise of the mix and match approach

— Everyone’s familiar with the mantra ‘the customer is always right’. However, treating customers right across every support channel can be difficult as there are more interaction options available today, from phone and email through to chat and social media. Full Story

Protect Yourself

— Cybercrime isn't just the stuff of sci-fi; it can have a devastating impact on your business. Last year the accountancy firm PwC found that almost 70% of UK firms experience an incident in 2014, which is higher than the global average. This coincides with some very high-profile data breaches. American retailer Target experience something of a nightmare before Christmas in 2013 when a spill of information belonging to 70 million customers led to losses upwards of $148m. Similar incidents occurred with Office and Home Depot and they are by no means isolated incidents - we just don't always hear about them. This is also a massive problem in the UK and small companies bear the brunt, making up 85.7% of hacking incidents. Full Story

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Elizabeth Hulsey | Public Relations Specialist Bomgar Corporation