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Scariest IT Requests

— Bomgar, a provider of enterprise remote support solutions, surveyed its customer-base of IT professionals to develop a list of possibly the scariest IT support requests. Full Story

Tech Guest Viewpoint: Remote Access Helps Solve Retail Tech Challenges

— The evolution of POS systems and other in-store innovations, such as self-service checkout and mobile payments, are changing how grocers serve their customers. While these solutions introduce convenience, they often result in a greater number of in-store devices and systems, as well as an increasingly complex computing network. Full Story

Health IT Pain Points Defined

— Health IT pain points seem to be lingering long despite the never ending promises and hope eternal new technology innovation seems to offer. Every sector has its prickles, no doubt, and much is left to overcome in healthcare, but given the complexity and the copious amount of change and development here, it’s of little surprise that pain is being felt. Full Story

Remote IT Support

— Bomgar software version 14.2 enables technology support professionals to access and fix nearly any system or device remotely, anywhere in the world. Support teams use the software to fix remote desktops and laptops, servers, switches, smartphones and tablets. The software’s Jump Client Access Schedule enables granular control over access, allowing governments to set specific days and times when access is permitted, to prevent productivity disruptions. Full Story

Remote Solutions Can Help Hotels Bolster Security

— Hotels are increasingly introducing technologies such as mobile booking, standalone check-in kiosks and next-generation CRM platforms in order to interact seamlessly with guests and enhance the customer experience while also improving their own operations. According to Hospitality Technology’s 2014 Customer Engagement Technology Study, 80 percent of hotels plan to have a mobile app by the end of 2015 and 49 percent will focus on developing tablet-based check-in in 2015. According to the report, large brands are leading the way: Marriott has implemented mobile check-in and check-out at 500 hotels and Starwood is piloting the use of smartphones as room keys. Full Story

The franchise security wake-up call

— Recent headlines illustrate that the slew of retail data breaches continue, and are unlikely to abate in the near future. Among the latest news items, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council issued a bulletin advising retailers to review security controls to ensure protection against Backoff malware, and Krebs on Security reported a possible Dairy Queen breach at a number of stores in several states. While the latter event has yet to be confirmed, it sheds light on a key security challenge of the franchise model. Full Story

Securing 3rd Party Access

— Donald Rumsfeld provided a famous quote regarding problems of which we are aware: “There are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don't know. So … we do the best we can and we pull all this information together.” In IT security, there are constant challenges, such as hackers, insider threats and malware. However, these fall into the bucket of ‘known unknowns,’ in that you should be aware of the general risks and have taken steps to prevent them. Full Story

What’s that Plumber Doing in the Bedroom?

— The increasing sophistication of technology makes it hard for IT professionals to keep up and be experts in all things technology. From monolithic central IT systems through to new and distributed computing models, it’s harder—and often more expensive—to manage and support everything internally. As such, more outsourcing and use of third-party service providers is taking place. An Ovum research study in late 2013 found that 88 per cent of companies surveyed in Western Europe allowed at least one third party access their network remotely. For one of those businesses surveyed, more than 100 outside companies had access to their IT network. Full Story

Remote access and best practice

— A spate of new and updated malware attacks has been uncovered from Backoff, which targets point-of-sale terminals to a new version of Citadel that goes after more traditional PCs and laptops. What links all these attacks is the use of unsecured remote access technologies to gain initial access to the systems. Many IT professionals and third-party vendors rely on remote access tools to do their jobs. These are the tools they use to manage, update and troubleshoot systems at a distance. Full Story

Efficiency and Security Gains Through Remote Access

— The IT environment in today’s financial services industry has become highly distributed, with branch offices and remote workers spread across thousands of miles and systems ranging from servers to mobile devices to kiosks. This can be a tricky environment for any organization to manage, but credit unions often face additional challenges. Unlike their larger counterparts, many of them have limited resources that can only support a small IT staff. Full Story

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