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5 quick tips for better security

— The federal government's "30 day sprint" to shore up IT security, as ordered by federal CIO Tony Scott, is coming to a close on July 12. While it's impossible for federal agencies to completely overhaul their IT security in just 30 days, there are steps they can take to better protect their systems. Full Story

10 steps to introduce web chat IT support

— The immediacy and speed of web-chat means it’s becoming a preferred support method for many customers. But how can you successfully introduce it to your service desk? Jeremy Curley of Bomgar runs through the key elements. Full Story

How to keep service consistency in a multi-channel world

— Customers now expect to communicate via multiple channels, changing the way companies think about service and support. But how do organisations maintain consistency? Full Story

How To Keep Service Consistency In A Multi-Channel World

— An increasingly omni-channel world is seeing a transformation in the way service and support are conducted. But as customers now have more choice and can communicate across multiple platforms, it can be difficult to deliver a consistent experience over all those channels. This is especially complex for businesses that need to support international customers or operations. Full Story

Bomgar Expands Remote Screen Sharing for Android Devices

— Bomgar ( has expanded its support capabilities for Android to include screen sharing for all Android 5.0+ devices. The Bomgar Remote Support solution already enables full remote control of Samsung Android devices, and basic support functions for all Android phones and tablets, including co-browsing, transferring files, interacting with system info, and viewing the camera roll. Now support organizations can also connect to and see the screen of any Android 5.0+ device, making it easier to troubleshoot issues or train employees or customers. Full Story

Look beyond Server 2003 for end-of-life success

— For many companies, IT budgets follow the Pareto Principle where 80 per cent of spend involves keeping the lights on while the remaining 20 per cent goes towards new and innovative solutions. A big chunk of that 80 per cent often goes into what we in the IT industry call "legacy" products - those tools that have been around a long time and that may still fulfill a role within the business. When vendors retire or no longer support those legacy products, it is often challenging for companies to retire or migrate them internally. Full Story

Bomgar now allows remote screen sharing for non-Samsung devices

— If you haven't tried Bomgar Remote Screen Sharing for Android, now is the best time because the program has just been updated. Bomgar has expanded the feature to all other sweet Android 5.0 Lollipop-running devices. This means anyone who uses Bomgar can remotely control Android phones or tablets even those non-Samsung devices. Full Story

How The Channel Can Smooth ‘End Of Life’ Transitions

— For many companies, IT budgets follow the Pareto Principle where 80 percent of spend involves keeping the lights on while the remaining 20 percent goes towards new and innovative solutions. Full Story

Simple errors continue to jeopardise security, reveals report

— Ransomware may be earning criminals a very healthy 1425 percent return on their investment, but the real crime is that organisations continue to make schoolboy errors when it comes to securing their public facing networks. Full Story

Li-Fi fantastic - Quocirca’s report from Infosec 2015

— As with any trade show, Infosec (Europe's biggest IT security bash) can get a bit mind-numbing, with one vendor after another going on about the big issues of the day - advanced threat detection, threat intelligence networks, the dangers of the internet-of-things and so on. They all have a different take these topics, but they all talk the same language, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. Full Story

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