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Goodbye PcAnywhere: Time for New Remote Support Solutions

— If you’re a pcAnywhere stand-alone customer, it’s time to migrate to a new solution. In case you haven’t heard, Symantec announced in November that its remote control stand-alone product is no longer available, and as of next Nov. 3, it will pull the plug on support. Fortunately, Symantec has been working to provide customers with a smooth way to migrate. The company is recommending pcAnywhere customers upgrade to the Bomgar Remote Support Solution, and has partnered with Bomgar to offer customers preferred pricing. Full Story

The “Killer KPIs” That Every Contact Center Executive Should Watch Closely

— Knowing what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to focus on can be tricky, although most contact center executives have an idea of the core ones to track. So what are the KPIs that every contact center exec should know and measure? Full Story

Top Cybersecurity Issues of 2014:  Overrated or Underrated? IndustryView

— From the Target breach in late 2013 to the Sony hack this December, cybersecurity has been in the news repeatedly throughout the last 12 months. But how many of these stories were media hype, and how many were serious threats? For this report, Software Advice selected six themes that received substantial media attention in 2014: the “Year of the Breach,” the Heartbleed bug, the death of antivirus, the rise of mobile malware, the threat employees pose to businesses and the recent upsurge in security spending. We then asked industry thought leaders and security professionals to decide which were “overrated” or “underrated,” and why. Full Story

Envisioning the Contact Center Agent of Tomorrow

— To say that we live in an age of instant information would be an understatement. For most people, the answer is almost always literally at their fingertips as touch screens and mobile devices continue to change how consumers find and digest information. These technical innovations of our connected world have also permanently altered a number of traditional processes, including customer-facing support. Consumers expect timely, seamless issue resolution, and have no qualms about expressing their frustration with ineffective methods via social channels. Full Story

Predicting The Future: The Trends That Will Drive Contact Center Management In 2015

— In an evolving customer service and contact center industry, the only constant is change. As 2014 draws to a close, it is important not only to reflect on the past year but also to ponder where the sector may go in the future and how those in the industry can prepare for change. We asked a few industry insiders for their views on what the new year might hold for the contact center industry. Full Story

University of Westminster uses remote support services to provide a great user experience

— Satisfying the varying demands of technology users in the digital age is a tough task. But the challenge is particularly tough when your user base consists of more than 22,000 people, from a variety of age groups across a range of sites across London. That is the day-to-day mission of Lee Rose, associate director of information and communication technology at the University of Westminster. He and his team have to support the technology needs of 20,000 students and 2,300 staff members. And those requirements have changed radically in recent years. Full Story

Closing Remote Support Security Gaps: People and Processes

— IT Security is evolving at a rapid pace. From protecting their networks against malware, to meeting complex compliance regulations, to securing employees’ mobile devices and more, security professionals now have far wider remits to consider. Traditionally, security professionals have focused on developing policies and best practices that can be applied across the business. But it’s extremely challenging to actually implement those policies not only across the business units, but also within the IT department itself. Full Story

How Technology From Classic TV, Movies Can Teach Lessons to Today’s IT

— Technology is embedded in our workplaces, our homes and everything in between. We rely on our mobile phones to keep us connected to emails and text conversations. We rely on security cameras and sensors to keep us connected to a physical space, even when we can't be there ourselves. Some of us use wearables to track our daily movements and health habits. The nature of technology and its use are evolving. Whether it's larger screen sizes on mobile devices, Internet-connected devices in the home or your own personal flying drone, technology is always expanding to suit our tastes and needs we didn't realize we had. Full Story

Securing your weakest data breach links

— Data breaches through insiders—or trusted employees, contractors and vendors who have access to your network—are becoming more and more common. For example, the recent JP Morgan breach began when hackers compromised one employee’s username and password to a web development server. The major breach at US retailer Target started when hackers stole credentials from an HVAC vendor who connected to Target’s network for invoicing and billing purposes. Full Story

The service desk Halloween – support tickets IT fear the most

— The role of the service desk is to provide assistance when things go wrong. From individual IT problems through to more strategic, continual service improvement initiatives and problem management programmes, the overall aim is to keep people working in an efficient way. However, life is not perfect and not everything runs smoothly. In light of this spooky time of year, we thought we’d ask service desk professionals about the IT support tickets they fear getting the most Full Story

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