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Building a Foundation on Security and Compliance

— Recent high-profile security breaches in the retail, finance, and insurance industries underscore the need for organizations to keep data secure across a wide network of devices and systems accessed by customers, vendors, and remote workers. In the healthcare industry particularly, concerns over protecting sensitive patient data are heightened as organizations introduce more Internet-connected devices and deploy cloud environments to store and manage information. As these devices share more data across networks, IT professionals and medical device designers are faced with the challenge of how to keep this data secure. Medical devices, especially those that record patient data for remote-monitored outpatient care, must function as designed while adhering to FDA regulations and HIPAA laws governing privacy and security. Full Story

Why Bomgar’s remote support technology is finding appeal outside the enterprise

— Despite the deluge of coverage about cloud-based applications and services for small and midsize businesses (SMBs), not every small company is comfortable with the idea of operating in the cloud, especially in places where internet access isn't always reliable. Full Story

Restaurant chains possible victims of POS data breach

— Another day, another data breach, this time effecting yet unnamed restaurants in the northwestern United States. Information & Supplies, a Vancouver, Washington-based POS and security systems provider, recently notified restaurant customers of a remote-access compromise that may have exposed credit and debit card data from POS transactions between Feb. 28 and April 18. Full Story

New products of the week 06.16.14

— 14.2 allows IT better control of who can remotely access which systems, when and from where, featuring new Wake on LAN support and Rep Console Device Verification for additional security. Full Story

What Should MSPs Expect From Bomgar 14.2?

— Bomgar has released a new version of its enterprise remote support solution. Bomgar 14.2 adds security improvements, better support for managing workflows and improvements to increase technician productivity, the company said. Here are the details. More granular security in the newest version enables more control over remote access to systems -- something that might have prevented an issue like last year's data breach of Target stores. The system can enable administrators to limit access to specific systems and set time parameters around when the access can be used, the company said. Full Story

How to manage third-party service, support and security

— Productivity expert David Allen once stated that his approach, “Getting Things Done,” was based on the simple premise that you can’t do everything. In IT, we face this problem every day. Whether it is due to lack of domain specific expertise or simply not enough resources to handle all of our IT services, there are many reasons why we might look to third parties to help support our requirements. Full Story

20 Real-World IT Cost-Cutting Mistakes You Need to Avoid

— “Do more with less” has become the IT department’s least appreciated mantra. Demands on IT are exploding, but spending on IT don’t follow suit. All companies have budgets and often the IT department, which is seen as a cost center (not rightfully), is given the charge to cut back. The stress to cut costs in IT can cause managers to make a lot of really foolish mistakes which can be far more costly in terms of lost dollars and lost business opportunities. I reached out to dozens of industry experts and asked, “What are the worst IT cost-cutting mistakes?” Full Story

What Challenges Do CIOs Face When Everyone is Priority #1?

— An interview with Jason Thomas, CIO at Green Clinic Health System, based in Ruston, Louisiana. The Enterprisers Project (TEP): You completed a total refresh of Green Clinic's technology as one of your first undertakings as CIO. What were some of the challenges of that project? THOMAS: Green Clinic is a complex organization. Our medical professionals treat approximately 1,000 patients per day across 25 specialties. It's a regional organization with a lot of complexity and technical and compliance issues that further complicate how IT operates. Full Story

Why It’s Hard To Run A Background Check Through The Cloud

— For many state cops, running a query on a suspicious character from their patrol car laptop or tablet is not an option. That's because of the stringency of FBI regulations for cloud companies that want to provide remote access to criminal records. The contractors themselves have to undergo criminal history checks and submit to special data-sharing arrangements. Full Story

Is Your POS Environment Secure?

— According to the recently released 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 92 percent of the incidents analyzed over the past decade can be attributed to nine basic patterns—one of which is point-of-sale intrusions. There have been a series of high profile breaches making headlines in recent months to underscore the damage that can occur from these attacks. Full Story

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