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Create secure cloud access for privileged users

— Secure access business, Bomgar, added new access and management controls, hybrid-cloud additions and new password management integrations to its latest version of its Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution. Full Story

Bomgar launches system to secure cloud access for VIPs without a VPN

— Cloud security vendor Bomgar has unveiled its new Privileged Access Management (PAM) system aimed at securing cloud users. The system protects ‘super users’ (i.e. elite workers) a task which market analyst Gartner has dubbed Privileged Access (AKA Privileged Identity) management. Full Story

Ashley Madison’s source code reveals poor security practices

— A security consultant has discovered security credentials such as database passwords, API secrets, authentication tokens and SSL private keys hard coded into Ashley Madison's source code. Full Story

Indiana U Expands Remote Support for IT Help

— Indiana University has gone public with its multi-year usage of a remote support application to deliver IT help. The university system, which has 114,000 students, 23,000 employees and eight campuses is using Remote Support from Bomgar. Full Story

Bomgar’s Secure Cloud Platform Provides Remote Support to Global Users

— For organizations within the EU, certain requirements must be met in order to provide compliant services. As a result, Bomgar has announced that it has begun serving up its remote support platform using its secure cloud hosted in Germany. By utilizing a partnership with VMware, Bomgar was able to gain entry into the European market so that organizations can begin using the secure cloud remote support suite. Full Story

6 Steps To Aligning Your Customer Engagement & Sales Efforts

— There are dozens of vendors aiming to connect with your customers each day. That’s why modern B2B tech buyers tune out all of the marketing emails they’re barraged with in favor of doing their own research. A recent Forrester survey found that 74% of buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making a purchase. Full Story

U of Miami’s Pedroso talks IT consolidation, cross-campus challenges

— Consolidating IT across several campuses and hundreds of professionals is no easy task — just ask University of Miami Director of IT Rocky Pedroso, who started with the university eight years ago as a systems administrator and has also served as a help desk supervisor. Full Story

IT security Q&A: Bomgar’s Stuart Facey

— The idea of “protect and prevent” is still very much alive and the testament to that is that technologies to handle these use cases are continuing to see usage and uptake. However, we have seen an evolution in the thinking from individuals and teams responsible for an organisation’s security. As they have seen increasingly sophisticated threats from both the outside and inside, they have realised that – for deep security coverage – it is best to also have a strategy to detect issues as quickly as possible and mitigate the impact to their business and their customers. Full Story

What 30 Classic Games Can Teach Us about Security

— Information security experts share their thoughts on how participating in games and sports helped hone their professional skills. Full Story

20 Ways to Respond When Your Company is Breached

— “If you’ve suffered a breach without a response plan in place all bets are off,” warned Andy Hayter (@malcodemgr), security evangelist, G DATA. Having poor security is bad. Not having an incident response plan is far worse. Full Story

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