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Using BES to Deploy Bomgar Buttons for BlackBerry®

Note: Bomgar Buttons for BlackBerry® Smartphones are available with Bomgar 10.5 and later. Mass deployable Bomgar Buttons for BlackBerry® require Enterprise licensing (prior to 14.2). Bomgar Buttons are tied to support team queues within public portals. If you want to associate a particular Bomgar Button with a specific support team or portal, you will need to define portals and teams first. Otherwise, the Bomgar Button will be associated with the default public portal and the personal or general queue.

The best method for supporting the Smartphones you manage is the BES-deployed Bomgar Button for BlackBerry®. This method gives end-users a simple and straightforward means of requesting support.

Bomgar Buttons are "get help" icons that may be deployed on computers or Smartphones. In the context of BlackBerry® support, Bomgar Buttons may be deployed en masse via BlackBerry® Enterprise Server [BES].

Performing a mass deployment of BlackBerry® Bomgar Buttons requires these steps:

  1. Define the Profile for the Bomgar Button for BlackBerry®
  2. Create a Bomgar Button for BlackBerry® Deployment
  3. Download the Bomgar Button for BlackBerry®
  4. Upload and Deploy the Bomgar Button via BES