Upload and Deploy the Bomgar Button via BES

Note: The purpose of this section is to clarify the application control policies Bomgar recommends for BES-deployable Bomgar Buttons. It should not be assumed, however, that this is authoritative documentation of BES administration. Changes to the BES administrative interface may not be reflected in this article. Please refer to BlackBerry documentation for administrators (http://docs.BlackBerry.com/en/admin/) for detailed instructions on deploying software applications to BlackBerry devices.

Log into the BlackBerry® Administration Service interface, navigate to BlackBerry Device Software, and upload the zip file of the Bomgar Button you downloaded from the Bomgar Mass Deployment Wizard.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Upload

Once uploaded, the Bomgar Button will appear as an application within BES. To create the application control policy, navigate to Manage applications in the Blackberry® Administrative Service interface. Go to Software > Applications > Manage Applications, and use the Application control policies tab to make changes to the application.

BES Manage Applications

Bomgar recommends modifying the application control policy for the BlackBerry® Bomgar Button. Please set the following BlackBerry Policies to Allowed:

  • Is access to the event injector API allowed
  • Is access to the screen, microphone and video capturing API allowed
  • Can the security timer be reset


BES Manage Software Configurations

Next, create a software configuration policy that contains the Bomgar application. Set the rights and name for both the Required and Optional application name configurations, in case making the button an optional install is a possible consideration.


BES Manage Users

Finally, add the new software configuration policy to a user, group, or role.


BlackBerry Bomgar Button Deployed

After you have enacted the new software configuration policy, end-users will see Bomgar as an application on their BlackBerry® Smartphones and can request support by clicking on the icon.