Create a Bomgar Button for BlackBerry® Deployment

Use the Mass Deployment Wizard to create a BES-deployable Bomgar Button. Here is an explanation for each field in the Bomgar Button Mass Deployment Wizard:

  • Description: Describe the Bomgar Button as it will appear in the Bomgar Button Manager of the representative console.
  • Public Portal: Associate the Bomgar Button with a public portal.
  • Profile: Select a customized Bomgar Button or the default.
  • Language: Choose the language for the Bomgar Button.
  • Team: Associate the Bomgar Button with a specific team queue.
  • Deployed Bomgar Buttons Are Valid For: Choose how long the Bomgar Button will be available.
  • Install Mode: Select whether to install the Bomgar Button for a single user or for all users on a shared system. To deploy a BlackBerry® Bomgar Button, you must select Single User.

Bomgar Button Mass Deployment Wizard