File Transfer to and from the iOS Device

The iOS customer client includes a built-in file system which the representative can access from the File Transfer tab of the representative console. The representative can upload files to the remote device or download files that already exist in the customer client file system.

Transfer Files to iOS Device

View Files

The customer can view the file list from the Files tab of the customer client. The customer must select the tab, as it is not possible for the representative to switch between tabs within the iOS Bomgar customer client app.

To view a file, the customer can tap a filename.

Swiping a filename reveals the Delete button; the customer can tap Delete to remove the file from the customer client file system.


File Options    File Quick View

Tapping a filename reveals the Quick Look button, along with the options to open the file in the default app or a selected app.

Quick Look provides a preview in the customer client. From this view, the customer can tap the Action button to open the file in another app or to print the file.


Bomgar iOS Customer Client with Files

If the customer wishes to view these files separately from a support session, he or she can open the customer client app and tap the View Files button.