Qualcomm Optimizes Technical Support Outreach with Bomgar Implementation - IDC Customer Spotlight



Qualcomm's technical support team provides help desk functionality for internal Qualcomm employees. Through the help desk, over 40,000 devices are supported globally. The compute infrastructure that is currently supported consists of end-user devices such as desktops and laptops along with some lab equipment. Qualcomm is an engineering-oriented company with an eclectic mix of operating system environments, some of which include Unix, Linux, Mac, and Windows. As a result, a single solution to provide remote support to all devices was necessary.

The support team began implementing a major business process improvement across the IT support function. One of the goals was to develop the ability to support more devices globally and extend this capability to a greater range of operating systems. To implement an important element of the project, the business unit chose to implement Bomgar and integrate it with the company's incident tracking system provided by ServiceNow.

The result was a much more unified experience for end users who could now view all active trouble tickets and then optionally engage with support specialists via a chat session. Because Qualcomm has a significant number of engineers on staff, the intent was to offer additional channels for user engagement with IT. Conversely, with the new Bomgar features, help desk technicians could now handle multiple IT-related matters at the same time, allowing them to work more efficiently.