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by Robert Jew published

Are You Maximizing the Value of Your Bomgar Solution?

When organizations implement Bomgar, they expect improvement in the overall performance of their IT support organization. It is not uncommon for our customers to see improvements of up to 30% in productivity and efficiency, up to 20% in customer satisfaction, and up to 25% in employee satisfaction. Of course there are organizations that have achieved much better results, while others have seen far less. If everyone is implementing the same Bomgar solution with the same set of features and functionalities, why is there such a range of outcomes?

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by Justin Brock published

Remote Support Android Devices from Your Help Desk

Got a few users at your company running Android-powered smartphones and tablets? Chances are your company is not alone. According to the latest IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker survey, Android is now the run-away leader in the worldwide smartphone market with a whopping 39.5% of the market.

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by Natalie Salser published

One Word to Rule Them All

There are a few words over here at Bomgar that have a lot of meaning for us. One of them is “security.” It is our goal to offer the most secure remote support solution available on the market. Being the only FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified solution and our annual Symantec security testing are evidence of how seriously we take security. But another meaningful word at Bomgar is “consolidation.”

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by LRichardson published

What’s in a Number?

25 million – the number of iPads sold to date. 12 – the number of 2012 Republican presidential candidates…so far. 104 – the number of dollars I just spent on two Boston Red Sox tickets. 65 – Bomgar’s Net Promoter Score.

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by Robert Minnaugh published

Optimizing Your Support with Bomgar Analytics

There’s an old adage that what you can’t measure you can’t improve. Not sure if I believe that one completely as there’s certainly room for intuition and experience when confronted with the absence of hard metrics. Still, it couldn’t hurt to have some really cool support performance analytics at your fingertips, could it? Not only could these analytics guide your day-to-day operations but they could even help you increase visibility in support performance, guiding future strategies. In fact, it’s already happening…

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by Tal Guest published

The Bomgar API and Outbound Events

Back in my IT admin days, when I would see a product advertise their API for integrations I used to think, “Great…In order to use it I’ll just need to relearn C++ or VB and boom that’s it. Yeah right!” Then I’d go on with my daily administration of Exchange, AD, figuring how and when to push out the next desktop patches, or helping my network guy figure out that pesky SAP connection issue. The point is I didn’t have the time to sharpen up my programming skills in order to figure out how to use a vendor’s complicated API. And although I did have an application development team in my department, they were always tied up with a crazy workload. Also, I just didn’t have the confidence to correctly articulate what was possible with the API.

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by Elizabeth Hulsey published

Bomgar Hits the Links for a Good Cause

Last week, Bomgar had the opportunity to serve as the gold sponsor for the second annual High Tech Ministries (HTM) Classic, the Atlanta technology community’s premier golf tournament and the High Tech Ministries’ largest annual fundraising event. Played at the Standard Club in Duluth, Georgia, the event saw some 110 players participate, including some of Bomgar’s own!

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by Liz Shulof published

Video on Help Desk Requests: Something we all have in Common

Last month, a number of us attended the Service Desk & IT Support Show held in London and caught up with those manning the help desk front lines across EMEA. We asked them a number of questions regarding what they deal with on a day-to-day basis, including their most common help desk issues and most unusual requests. Check out some of their answers in the video below. (Spoiler alert: You can’t escape password reset requests no matter where you go!)

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by Brian Page published

Bomgar and the Verizon Data Breach Report: An Assessment

Verizon has released its annual Data Breach Investigations Report, and Bomgar is happy to announce, “We’re not in it.” So, why would Bomgar be pleased about being omitted? Verizon reports that unsecure remote access and control was the #1 attack pathway used in 2010 (page 35) in the hacking category – a whopping 71% of the time – and specifically calls out several remote support vendors, such as RDP, PCAnywhere, Go2Assist, LogMeIn and Netviewer, as security risks. Why? Because these named products have special vulnerabilities to which Bomgar is not subject.

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by LRichardson published

Cartoon Catch-Up

In case you've missed our original tech cartoons by Mark Anderson on our Facebook page, here's a little catch up! Make sure you visit Facebook to give your best original captions for a chance to win Bomgar gear!

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