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For the LOVE of IT

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, we gave our Bomgar insiders the chance to tell us the things that they love most about working in IT, including their co-workers, gadgets, departments, and companies. We compiled some of the most ‘romantic’ sentiments to make a lovely Valentine’s Day scrapbook for you all! Take a look at the 4 things that made Bomgar advocates fall for IT. Continue Reading

Smarter Remote Access with Smart Cards

The push for smart card (PIV and CAC) deployment for government entities first began in the early 2000’s. More than a decade later, implementation has been a slow process and smart cards still have not been adopted across all agencies. Bomgar’s smart card support allows government entities to provide support to their organizations while adopting them into the workplace. Continue Reading

IT: Don’t let staff succumb to Super Bowl fever

The largest unofficial American holiday is almost here – Super Bowl Sunday. It’s a time to gather with friends and family, and an excuse to eat way too many unhealthy foods. While fans around the country are diving into mini hot dogs, nachos, and chicken wings when the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers, hackers around the world will be seeking to exploit the fanfare of the Super Bowl to get access to privileged user credentials and IT systems. Continue Reading

Bomgar Helps Power Plants Meet NERC Cyber Security Deadlines for April 2016

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s (NERC) CIP-005-5 standard outlines regulations regarding electronic security for power and energy plants. This regulation exists as part of a suite of CIP Standards related to cyber security referred to as Version 5 CIP Cyber Security Standards. These regulations were last updated in the spring of 2015 with a strict deadline for implementation by April 2016. Read how Bomgar's solutions can keep power and energy plants in compliance with these regulations. Continue Reading

Concensus Technologies Provides Secure, Efficient Customer Support with Bomgar Secure Cloud

The business world is one that is and has been fast-paced and demanding. Today’s business environment now revolves more and more around technology – another fast-paced and demanding world. As these two worlds continue to intertwine, the need for technology support stays on the rise. This is where companies like Concensus Technologies find a niche in this ever-growing demand for constant connectivity and access. Continue Reading

No Surprises That Ukrainians Were in the Dark.

Having read the latest news regarding the power outage in the Ukraine, I was not surprised to hear the outage was suspected to be caused by a deliberate hacking attack. Allegedly, this could be a state sponsored attack using well known malware - however the finer details of this are yet to emerge. Continue Reading

Bomgar PAM Improves Security and Efficiency

Bomgar’s newest version of its Privileged Access Management solution features a host of new capabilities that can help better protect a business from cyberattacks. PAM 15.3 introduces six new capabilities to give IT security professionals greater ease and flexibility to better control, monitor, and audit access by privileged users and third-party vendors. With Bomgar, privileged users access secure systems without a VPN, significantly reducing the risk of attackers gaining a foothold within a secure network via a compromised VPN connection. Continue Reading

Bomgar Weighs In on Gartner Recommendations for Privileged Access

Managing privileged access is a hot topic for organizations across all industries in 2016. No matter the size or scope of work, most organizations will have vendors and privileged users that require access to their network at some point or another. In November 2015, analysts at Gartner teamed up and released the report “How to Secure Remote Privileged Access for Third-Party Technicians”, offering their objective insight on the topic. Continue Reading

Fake it til you make it: hackers finding success hiding behind real IT credentials

How important is it to protect people from themselves? That’s a question on the minds of most chief security officers and CIOs entering 2016, following a year of massive data breaches, many of which were tied to misuse of privileged accounts or lack of adequate security measures around privileged users. Continue Reading

Western Tool & Supply Provides Secure External Customer Support with Bomgar

Headquartered in Livermore, California, Western Tool & Supply is a distributor for metal cutting tools used for manufacturing. Ranging from machine metal cutting tools, to abrasives, fluids and more, the company has been serving customers in California, Nevada, Colorado, the Pacific Northwest, and globally since 1947. Bomgar has improved Western Tool's approach for supporting their customers, allowing them to securely support local and virtual desktops and Android devices. Continue Reading