Enterprise Password Management Shrinks Your Attack Surface and Reduces Cyber Breach Risk

Vault™ is an enterprise password vault that improves password security for privileged users and IT vendors. Vault includes credential management, secure password storage, password rotation, and credential discovery. Improve security and compliance with this enterprise password vault.

Store Passwords Securely

Password vaulting improves security. Store, rotate, and randomize privileged credentials.

Find Privileged Credentials

Discover and gain control of non-compliant passwords and privileged credentials in your network.

Share Admin Passwords Safely

Inject credentials into endpoints without exposing plain text passwords. Users never see the credentials.

Powerful Password Management for Privileged Users

Bomgar Vault for Enterprise Password Management

Highlighted Capabilities and Features

Secure Password Storage

Quickly place privileged account passwords behind a secure wall ensuring restricted access while logging activity along the way.

Rotation and Randomization

Bomgar Vault rotates credentials based on its configuration, as well as when the Vault detects plain text passwords have been exposed.

Credential Scanning

Quickly find credentials in your environment and retrieve them along with insight on age and status of the credential.

Service Account Management

Maintain business continuity by achieving optimal system uptime for service accounts. Restart and reset business critical service accounts without worry.

App to App Credential Security

Remove hard coded passwords from applications and scripts to securely manage application to application credentials that do not require human intervention.

Seamless Credential Injection™ Feature

When integrated with Bomgar Privileged Access or Bomgar Remote Support, users can directly inject credentials into end servers and systems with just one click.

Bomgar VAULT™ Demo