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Super-fast, all-inclusive remote support for IT service desks and customer tech support.

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Privileged Access

Manage and monitor privileged access to critical systems ... without VPN.



Store and manage shared passwords and credentials for privileged users



Let users manage their own devices for tokenless two factor authentication


Secure Access Use Cases

For IT Service Desk

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For Customer Tech Support

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For Privileged Access

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For Vendor Access

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Secure Access Takes More than Mere Encryption

Bomgar offers the most secure remote access and support technology on the planet. Each encrypted connection is outbound, so you can connect without VPN or firewall changes. You can leverage Active Directory and LDAPS to manage authentication, require multi-factor authentication, define more than 50 permissions for technicians and privileged users, and capture a detailed audit log of every remote connection.

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"Bomgar has made it easy for our company to remotely access computers and mobile devices throughout the world. A+++"

Kevin Russell, CBRE

You Shouldn’t Have to Pay Extra to Connect Across Platforms and Operating Systems

Bomgar gives IT administrators, support technicians, and privileged users secure access to remote computers and devices over the web. Bomgar works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. And we don’t charge extra for iOS (iPad/iPhone) or Android support.

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Connect in Seconds. Stay Connected Until You're Done.

When you need to access a remote desktop, the last thing you want to worry about is your connection breaking. Bomgar reliably extends remote access beyond the LAN without a VPN or pre-installed client. With more than 20 ways to initiate a remote desktop connection, it’s fast and easy to connect.

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More than 10,000 companies trust Bomgar to make access secure

Driving the Innovation of Secure Access Software

Every day, you rely on remote connections between people and technology. Every day, we work to make those connections more secure.

Bomgar Web Rep Console

Provide secure remote support from any web browser with Bomgar's new Web Rep Console. All of the core remote support features you need are now in an easy and convenient package - no downloads, no Active X plugin, and no Flash.

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Bomgar Vault

Bomgar Vault™ helps companies secure, manage, and administer shared credentials for privileged users and IT vendors. Manage and rotate passwords for privileged accounts to improve security and compliance.

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Bomgar Insight

Bomgar inSight lets support technicians see and annotate real-time video from an end-users’ mobile device to speed troubleshooting and time to resolution. Try it for yourself today.

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