Secure access for your technology-enabled business

Retail IT organizations are not only tasked with supporting geographically dispersed computers and mobile devices, but also POS systems and kiosks, which are often unattended. Additionally, these devices store sensitive customer and payments data that needs to be protected from unauthorized access.

Technology that allows technicians to remotely access and manage these systems are imperative, but insecure remote access tools are commonly targeted by cybercriminals to gain footholds to POS systems and compromise payment data. IT professionals need to access remote systems and devices, while protecting networks and customer data from attacks and meet compliance regulations, such as PCI.

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Fix remote POS systems and kiosks from anywhere

Because of their geographically distributed nature and limited interfaces, kiosks and point of sale (POS) systems present unique challenges for technology support organizations. Many of these systems are unattended and based in remote locations, separated from the organization’s main network by a local firewall.

Bomgar’s unique, appliance-based remote support solution allows you to remotely access and fix nearly any POS terminal or kiosk, anywhere, while keeping sensitive data and system access behind your own secure firewall.  Bomgar provides easy, scalable access to hundreds or thousands of systems, and can be configured either to require the user to initiate the support session or to enable access completely without the user's involvement. 

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