Securely access and fix remote customer, employee and POS systems.

Support Systems and Devices Around the World While Closing the Door on Hackers


Retail IT organizations are not only tasked with supporting geographically dispersed computers and mobile devices, but also POS systems and kiosks, which are often unattended when they need to be fixed.  Consequently, tools that allow IT to remotely access and fix both manned and unmanned systems are imperative in retail, but they’re also the industry’s biggest security weakness.

The 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) Industry Snapshot: Retail by the Verizon Business RISK Team states retailers are, “prime targets for financially-motivated criminal groups exploiting weak, guessable, or default credentials via third-party remote access services to POS systems.”  Unfortunately, many retail organizations don’t realize they’re using these unsecure remote access methods, the number one attack pathway leveraged by hackers to gain access to sensitive systems and data.

"We evaluated several other products before choosing Bomgar. Unlike the cloud-based solutions, Bomgar is an appliance that we deploy within our network, giving us in-house, centralized control over all remote support activity."
Stacey Nicholson, Help Desk Manager, Shaw Industries

Many retail data breach victims are independently owned and operated franchise stores of larger, parent retail chains who provide little IT and security oversight. These smaller retailers often lack the expertise or resources to manage their own computing infrastructure, and rely on third-party vendors for IT support. This requires that some sort of remote access and administrative service be enabled on their systems to allow the third-party to access and manage the systems. While many vendors claim they’ve taken the appropriate security measures, experience shows this is not the case, and is commonly the source of a data breach.

Enhance Your Support Experience While You Improve Compliance

Bomgar’s appliance-based remote support solution allows you to remotely access and fix nearly any system or device, anywhere, while keeping sensitive data and system access behind your own secure firewall. 

  • Efficiency - IT service desks can remotely access and fix nearly any computing device, from laptops to smartphones to POS systems, whether down the hall or on the other side of the world, eliminating costly on-site visits.
  • Multi-platform flexibility - Service desk reps can provide support to Windows, Mac and Linux systems as well as iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices.
  • Mobility - Reps can provide support from their own iPad, iPhone and Android devices—keeping them productive even when away from the help desk.
  • Security - Session access and data never passes through a third-party server, ensuring sensitive customer and payment data stays safe and your organization remains compliant with regulations, such as PCI. And Bomgar offers two-factor authentication and integrations with your identity management systems, allowing you to greatly reduce the chance of hackers accessing your systems through stolen or easily guessed credentials.
"What I really liked was that Bomgar provided us with a centralized remote support solution that worked with all of the systems in our environment. All of our field systems could be accessed using Bomgar, and the solution offered a portal where we send our users for support. For us, it was an instant win."
Mike Castillo, Director of Network Infrastructure
Eat’n Park Hospitality Group

Allow Vendors to Access Your Systems in a Secure, Auditable Way

With our Embassy feature, Bomgar also allows you to provide secure, auditable, cross-platform remote access to vendors who need to regularly access your systems. You can create an Embassy for each and every vendor, and granularly control what each can or cannot access. Creating Embassy teams is a much more secure and manageable alternative to giving individual vendor representatives VPN access to your internal systems. Admins can monitor and report on all vendor activity through Bomgar, which captures video recordings of every remote support session showing every click and keystroke that occurred.  By using Bomgar, you can track and monitor every action performed on any of your systems by both internal and external individuals.

"We have numerous vendors that need access to their business systems 24/7 to update them and keep them running. We wanted to make sure that these vendors could remotely access their systems without a lot of difficulty, but at the same time, we wanted the ability to control and monitor access. With Bomgar’s Embassy feature, we were able to do just that. Bomgar was the only solution that met all of our requirements, particularly when it came to security."
Stephen Hey, Manager of Technology Infrastructure & Security, 9/11 Memorial