Remotely access servers and endpoints from anywhere

Regardless of industry or company size, the vast majority of organizations have significant IT infrastructures comprised of many components, such as servers, firewalls, databases, and network devices. Administrators and technicians need remote access to devices and endpoints across operating systems and geographies to implement critical updates and perform regular maintenance.

Privileged access is a primary attack vector for a cyber breach because once attackers obtain privileged credentials, those legitimate credentials can be leveraged to pivot to other systems in the network. Legacy access methods such as RDP and VNC have limited granular controls, allowing an attacker with compromised credentials to spend days or weeks in your network undetected.

Secure Remote Access

Securely connect to and access remote machines and endpoints in your network with one single access tool

User Profiles

Assign user profiles and permissions to give privileged users the power they need to get their jobs done quickly

Granular Permissions

Set granular permissions, network access levels, and specify time parameters to enforce “least privilege”


Log all session activity for a complete audit trail, with real time reporting


Approve or deny a request for access in real time from any computer, Android, or iOS device and set alerts for specified activity

Vendor Access

Provide access without a VPN, making it safer to bring third-party vendors into your network

The fastest way to protect your most critical assets

More Control

Gain visibility of network access and user activity, and grant granular permission levels.

Increased Productivity

Consolidate usage to one access pathway and proactively set parameters and permissions.

Strengthen Security

Assign "least privilege" policies to inside users and enforce corporate password policies.

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