Protect the Operational Technology (OT) at the heart of your business

Operational technology networks such as SCADA and ICS systems are often responsible for mission critical processes for both utilities and manufacturing companies. Unexpected downtime not only harms productivity but may also put consumers, employees, and personnel in danger. Since only a few hours of unplanned downtime can have significant impacts on your business, reliable and secure remote access is imperative to keep operations up and running.

The machinery and systems in your network may be running older operating software that is costly or challenging to upgrade. These legacy environments have increasingly been connected to the Internet and IT networks, greatly increasing the risk of compromise. You need a solution that provides remote access to OT across a variety of operating systems and geographies, while securing access pathways and privileged credentials from malicious threat actors.

The fastest way to protect your critical production technology

Strengthen Security

Protect your critical Operational Technology and minimize the risks related to compromised remote access pathways and privileged credentials.

Minimize Operational Downtime

Remotely troubleshoot and quickly solve issues across any operating system or geography.

Increase Productivity

Consolidate remote access solutions and proactively set parameters and permissions for streamlined and secure access.

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