Manage secure access to healthcare systems

Today's healthcare organizations are managing technology driven environments and dispersed networks, while trying to protect patients from targeted cyberattacks and following strict compliance regulations, such as HIPAA. Healthcare IT professionals need to be able to access and support systems, applications, devices, doctors, and medical staff spread across different locations quickly and reliably. But they also must secure a significant amount of sensitive patient data and information stored on their network, which makes them an attractive target for cybercriminals.

With Bomgar, healthcare providers, payers, and integrated care organizations can enable and manage secure access to healthcare systems and medical devices while keeping patient data protected.

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Meet healthcare compliance mandates

Healthcare organizations must use extra precaution in handling personally identifiable information to protect patients and meet compliance mandates, such as HIPAA. To prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of PII, many regulations require comprehensive access controls, including audit trails, unique user identification, transmission security, emergency access procedures, encryption, and automatic logoff. 

Bomgar Secure Access Solutions can help you meet a variety of healthcare regulations and standards with our secure access solutions, which let privileged users quickly access the systems and data they need without putting patient data at risk.  

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