Easily Access and Fix Remote Windows, Mac and Linux Systems

Not so long ago, service desks and support centers didn’t have to worry about anything other than fixing Windows systems.  Mac could safely be described as a niche operating system (OS), with pockets of heavy use in specific industries and departments, but no real foothold.  And Linux workstations were mostly run by software developers, network administrators, or other power-users who do most of their troubleshooting themselves.

While Windows still leads the market, with the rising popularity of Mac and mobile OS’s plus Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, support organizations can no longer limit what types of systems they support.  But using different remote support tools or purchasing add-ons to support non-Windows systems is inefficient and cost-prohibitive.

The Solution

Bomgar enables you to support Windows, Mac and Linux systems, plus mobile devices from a single, centralized remote support tool; no add-ons or additional fees required.  And unlike some remote support solutions that stop with basic support, Bomgar offers largely the same functionality for Mac and Linux as it does for Windows.

  • Multi-platform:  With Bomgar, support agents can remotely connect to and support desktops, laptops, mobile devices running nearly any platform, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry. Support reps can see the screen, control the mouse and work as if physically in front of the device, eliminating the need for costly on-site visits. Bomgar also allows reps to provide support from their preferred device, including Windows, Mac and Linux systems, plus iPads, iPhones, and Android devices via Bomgar’s Mobile Rep Consoles.
  • Web-Enabled: Bomgar works seamlessly through corporate firewalls without requiring a VPN or other configuration. In addition, remote support sessions can be initiated in seconds without requiring pre-installed software. This means that you can access and control your end-user’s computer in seconds, no matter where they are located.
  • Communication & Collaboration: The Bomgar remote support solution allows multiple people to collaborate within a single remote support session, even if they’re all working from different operating systems, increasing first contact resolution, and improving the end-user’s experience.
  • Integrated Chat: With Bomgar's Click-to-Chat feature, support reps can chat with end-users through a flash-based chat interface. If an end-user needs more help, the help desk rep can use Bomgar to seamlessly escalate the chat to a screen sharing or remote control session.
  • Service Desk Integrations:  Bomgar offers a robust set of out-of-the-box integrations with the world’s leading incident and case management systems, allowing you to create a seamless support process. Bomgar also offers an open API and Professional Services to help you build custom integrations with all your help desk systems. 
  • Scripts & Tools: With Bomgar you can create, organize, and catalogue any number of pre-built scripts. This enables your service desk to automate routine diagnostics, troubleshooting and remediation. Scripts can also reference a file for more robust tasks, such as software installations.

Download Desktop Support PDF

"Bomgar’s multi-platform solution was the key factor in choosing a vendor. With one of the only Linux based call centers in the world, our support reps must have the ability to control a Linux machine no matter if they are working from a Windows or Mac platform. "