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Looking for a Netviewer alternative? This competitive document outlines some key differences between Bomgar and Netviewer that are relevant to enterprise support organizations.

Is Netviewer Designed for Enterprise Support Organizations?

Enterprise support organizations have rigorous security and integration requirements. Unfortunately, most competitor comparisons between Bomgar and Netviewer are written from the perspective of the individual support professional.

In this analysis, we ask, "Which remote support solution meets the requirements of enterprise support organizations?" We compare Netviewer to Bomgar by evaluating:

  • Platform support - We consider how Netviewer handles multiple operating systems for both the client and the support rep
  • Security - We look at everything from the SaaS architecture used by Netviewer to permissions and audit trail
  • Integration - We ask how well Netviewer integrates with the ITSM and CRM solutions commonly used in the enterprise
  • Cost - We help you see beyond the initial purchase to evaluate licensing and total cost of ownership
  • Speed of development - We ask whether Netviewer is geared to meet the development requirements of the enterprise

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