Remote Desktop Software for Linux

Bomgar's remote desktop control software for linux enables support technicians control remote computers over the internet or network. With Bomgar you can support remote desktops, backend servers, network devices, smartphones and systems in the field outside the network – all from one screen! Bomgar certifies support for multiple specific Linux distributions. Bomgar even supports headless Linux configurations and can enable access to Linux machines without requiring a logged on user.

System Requirements for Linux Support

Remote Support of Red Hat Enterprise Linux from Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Customer System

  • Fedora Core 22 - 24
  • RedHat Enterprise 6 - 7
  • SLED 11 - 12
  • SLES 10 - 12
  • Ubuntu 16.04 and 17.04 LTS
  • Headless or CLI-only Linux Endpoints (Systems without X installed or to systems that have X, but only require access to the CLI)

Technician System

  • RedHat Enterprise 6 - 7
  • SLED 11 - 12
  • SLES 10 - 12
  • Ubuntu 16.04 and 17.04 LTS

Bomgar certifies support for multiple specific Linux distributions. And some combinations not specifically certified by Bomgar will nonetheless work. View the Linux Compatibility Guide for more details.