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One Remote Support Solution for Everything

Bomgar Remote Support is the only remote software you need. Support all of your systems over the web, even if they are behind firewalls you don’t control. All supported platforms are included in the core product, so you can consolidate and standardize support, improving incident handling time and support rep productivity.

Assist Any Remote Desktop or Server

Bomgar works across Windows, Mac, and Linux. Access and control any remote computer, on or off the network - no VPN.

Windows Support

Mac Support

Linux Support

Troubleshoot Android and iOS Devices ... or From Them

Use screen sharing and remote control to offer remote support to customers on iOS or Android devices. Or embed Bomgar in your app.

Android Support

Apple iOS Support

Embedded Remote App Support

Remote Desktop Apps for iOS and Android

Help Out the Real World with Bomgar InSight


Bomgar InSight lets you see the remote video camera on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Remote camera sharing lets you perform remote support on anything your customer can see, including hardware and peripherals.

InSight (Remote Camera Sharing)

Offer Remote Desktop Support from Any Browser


Bomgar's Web Rep Console lets you start a remote support session from any web browser on any computer, allowing you to immediately begin diagnosing and fixing issues from any location.

Web Rep Console

Secure Shell Access to Network Devices

Shell Jump enables command line access to switches, routers and other network devices on remote networks. Unlike traditional SSH or Telnet access through PuTTY, Bomgar shell sessions record detailed audit logs and videos for these typically phantom sessions.

Shell Jump for SSH/Telnet Support

Command Shell Support

More Details on Android and iOS Support

Bomgar enables help desks and IT organizations to offer ad hoc remote support to end-users on mobile devices. Bomgar supports Android phones and tablets and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch). We include mobile device support in Bomgar Remote Support. You don't need to pay extra for it.

Mobile Device Android Apple iPhone Apple iPad
Support & Access Consoles Yes Yes Yes
Remote Control Yes 1
Screen Sharing Yes 2 Yes 3 Yes
Unattended Access Yes
InSight (Camera) Yes Yes Yes
Chat Yes Yes Yes
System Info Yes Yes Yes
File Transfer Yes Yes Yes
Screen Capture Yes Yes Yes
App Deployment Yes 4 Yes 4
Embedded App Support Yes Yes Yes
  1. Available for devices made by Samsung, Dell, and HTC.
  2. Available for all Android Devices.
  3. iOS screen sharing requires iOS8+ and device tethering.
  4. For Apple iOS, use Apple iOS Enterprise App Store.

Can I Remote Control an iPad or iPhone with Bomgar?

Remote control of iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch is, at this time, in violation of Apple terms and conditions.

Bomgar continues to monitor the situation and is prepared to offer the ability to remote control iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices once a sanctioned method is made available.

However, at this time, neither Bomgar nor our competitors may legally remote control Apple iOS devices.

That said, Bomgar offers the most comprehensive support for iOS devices available.

When supporting iOS devices, you can use iOS screen sharing, chat support, co-browsing, file transfer, and image sharing.

You can also offer remote support from iOS devices. See the screen, control the remote computer, chat, view multiple monitors, and more, all from your iPad or iPhone.

Finally, the Mobile Rep Console for iOS also support Touch ID and 3D Touch.

How does mobile device support differ from mobile device management?

While there may be some similarities between mobile device support and mobile device management (MDM), there are significant differences. Mobile device management typically involves using a server component to push applications, data and configuration settings to mobile devices over the air. AirWatch, MaaS360 and Mobile Iron are popular mobile device management vendors.

Rather than enabling remote management of mobile devices, Bomgar enables incident-based remote support of mobile devices. For instance, a support technician might use Bomgar to support a customer having trouble on a Samsung Android device. During the session, the rep could do screen sharing, remote control, file transfer, chat or system info viewing to resolve the customer's issue. But the support organization would not use Bomgar to deploy the latest version of an enterprise app to all the Android devices used by employees.

While there may be some overlap - support organizations can use Bomgar to install Apple iOS configuration profiles, for instance - the differences are clear. MDM is more similar to traditional systems management, where common activities include provisioning new systems or pushing out updates en masse. Remote support, on the other hand, is for resolving individual incidents as they arise. Most companies need both functions.