Get Remote Support by Clicking an Icon

Bomgar Button

Remote support is supposed to make your job easier. But how many times have you found yourself losing valuable time narrating the connection process over the phone to an end user? With the Bomgar Button, you can place a shortcut on the remote desktop or smartphone and say, “Click this icon when you need remote support.”

Customer-Initiated Request for Remote Support

Let customers request remote support
Bomgar Buttons let customers request remote support

Bomgar Buttons give customers the ability to request support right when they need it. The Bomgar Button does not maintain a connection to the Bomgar appliance. Instead, it provides a customer-initiated method for joining the support queue of a previously defined representative or team.

Bomgar Buttons further simplify support, allowing customers to initiate a support session with a single click. Once installed the Bomgar Button requires no download in order to initiate a remote support session. When the user clicks the Bomgar Button, the customer client automatically opens and initiates a session with the queue specified by the Bomgar Button's profile. It can even direct them to the support technician who helped them the last time.

Customize the “Get Remote Support” Icon

The Bomgar Button is a customizable icon you can place on a customer’s remote desktop, smartphone or application. Like other white-label Bomgar interfaces, you can use the Bomgar Button to reinforce your brand with customers.

Automatically Route Incoming Support Requests

Assign support queues for Bomgar Buttons
Assign support queues for Bomgar Buttons, like those you deploy from your iPad.

Each Bomgar Button you create has an associated profile that determines how customers access your support team.

You can use Bomgar Buttons to route customers to a special support queue or to the technician who last helped them.

Or you can have customers click the button and enter a session key, so the rep they're on the phone with can start supporting them instantly.

Once the user's system has been configured with a Bomgar Button, starting a support session takes only seconds.

Ways to Deploy Bomgar Buttons

Mass deploy Bomgar Buttons
Mass deploy Bomgar Buttons by email

Bomgar Buttons may be mass deployed to remote desktops running Windows, Mac, and Linux. For Windows deployments, Bomgar Buttons can be mass deployed for all users or a single user for each system.

You can also deploy a single Bomgar Button during a remote support session. This method of deploying a Bomgar Button can be especially helpful if your customer has a recurring issue or if you suspect the issue may not be completely resolved.

Embeddable Bomgar Buttons

Embed a Bomgar Button within applications deployed throughout your enterprise, giving your end-users direct, streamlined access to remote support sessions.

Embed a Bomgar Button within applications deployed throughout your organization