Mobile Representative Console

Use an Android device, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to support remote desktops, servers and mobile devices. Limit use to specific Android or iOS devices.

Remote Desktop App for Android, iPad, and iPhone

Bomgar is the first remote support software vendor to enable secure remote control from mobile devices.

Bomgar's mobile representative consoles for iOS and Android devices increase efficiency by allowing support technicians to stay productive while mobile, delivering remote support anytime and from any place.

A technician can control remote desktops and servers with a toolkit similar to the desktop version of the Bomgar representative console and configure SAML as a single-sign-on enabler for authentication to the mobile console.

Android App Apple iOS App

Screen Sharing and Advanced Support Tools

Mac Support from iPad
Remote control of Mac OS X from iPad Rep Console

See the screen on remote computers and control the mouse just as if you were sitting in front of it, all from your Android or iOS device.

  • Multi-Monitor Support - In addition to viewing a remote computer's screen on your mobile device, a support rep can also select alternate remote displays.
  • Special Actions - Quickly perform tasks without having to navigate a remote system's menus.
  • Access Keyboard - Pass keystrokes and commands to the remote machine.
  • Chat - Chat with end-users and other support reps within the support session.
  • Multi-Session Support - Conduct multiple support sessions simultaneously on your mobile device.
  • Reboot - Restart the remote machine without losing your support session's connection.

Use Jump Clients to Access Unattended PCs

Deploy a Jump Client Android
Android rep deploying Jump Client

Installing a Jump Client gives you unattended access to any system Bomgar supports anywhere in the world: a user's Mac workstation after hours, a back-office Linux server or interactive, Windows-based kiosks and POS systems.

You can deploy the Jump Client from your Android or iOS device during a remote support session, or you can email the client download to multiple computers at once.

Once the Jump Client is installed, the technician can Jump to that remote system and provide unattended support anytime.

Deploy a Bomgar Button

Deploy a Bomgar Button from an iPhone
Deploy a Bomgar Button from an iPhone

Does the end-user have a recurring issue? Deploy a Bomgar Button from your mobile device during a remote support session. Bomgar Buttons simplify support, allowing customers to initiate a support session with a single click.

Once installed the Bomgar Button requires no download in order to initiate a remote support session.

When the user clicks the Bomgar Button, the customer client automatically opens and initiates a session with the queue specified by the Bomgar Button's profile. It can even direct them to the support technician who helped them the last time.

Bomgar Mobile Support Comparison

Bomgar Mobile Support Compatibility Comparison Chart
Bomgar Mobile Support Compatibility Comparison Chart