With Bomgar, you'll replace legacy remote access tools with a complete solution designed for the needs of security-conscious support organizations. Bomgar enables support representatives to access, diagnose, control and fix remote computers and mobile devices. Highlighted features are below.

Remote Control & Screen Sharing - the Core of Support

The core of remote support is seeing and controlling the remote computer. With Bomgar Remote Support, you can see your customer's screen and fully interact with the remote desktop. Request remote control of multiple computers, view attached monitors, and use advanced screen sharing tools.

But why stop there? With Bomgar you can also provide screen sharing support of iOS devices and remote control for Android devices. You can even use InSight to see anything your customer sees.

Remote Control and Screen Sharing

Customer Tech Support

Whether your call center provides full tech support or supports specific applications, Bomgar makes it easy for customers to get remote assistance.

With Bomgar, you can integrate chat support with your website, portal, or mobile app. Bomgar chat support can mimic your phone routing system, connecting inbound support incidents to the right technician or team. Managers can create a library of canned messages and responses. 

Tech support with Bomgar is seamless. Move from chat support to view-only screen sharing to application sharing or full remote control with just a few easy clicks.

Use Bomgar for Customer Tech Support

Internal IT Support

When it comes to empowering your IT organization, nothing beats Bomgar Remote Support.

Bomgar simplifies desktop support. End users can initiate support requests from your support portal, Windows applications, or Bomgar Buttons. You can also control of remote desktops to start support. And our patented Jump Technology is state-of-the-art for server and IT infrastructure maintenance.

IT admins will resolve issues more quickly, improving productivity and end-user satisfaction. Plus, Bomgar integrates with your ITSM, help desk, and ticketing solutions. Details about every remote session are automatically tied to the incident record.

Use Bomgar for Internal IT Support

Help Desk Administration

When it comes to managing your help desk, every second counts. With Bomgar Remote Support, you’ll impact the metrics you care about most.

Create queues, portals, teams, and policies to standardize technical support services. Define your support channels for efficiency.

Bomgar also makes it easier to manage large teams of technicians with integrated identity management and group policies.

Help Desk Administration

Monitor and Audit

In most industries, compliance regulations require the logging of remote support activity. Records should identify unique users, show which systems were connected, and delineate what actions were taken over the remote connection. 

With Bomgar Remote Support, you’ll have the details you need for your next audit. Detailed reports and even video recordings give you historical insight into support activity. Plus, you can monitor sessions in real time.

Monitor support activity in real time. Track customer satisfaction. Record every remote support session. And collect a detailed audit trail of each interaction.

Auditing Remote Support


Sometimes IT administrators and help desk technicians need a little support themselves. 

That’s why Bomgar includes easy options for technicians to collaborate with one another or bring in external representatives. Support managers can also offer assistance if lower-tier technicians have trouble. 

Collaboration lets you effectively bring in all the necessary resources to resolve an incident. This results in higher first call resolution, lower escalation rates, and faster incident resolution times.

Collaborative Remote Support


Make it super easy for customers to request support by embedding chat and remote support in your website, desktops, Windows programs, and mobile apps. 

Deploy customizable Bomgar Buttons on desktops and let customers to initiate support with a simple click. You can also embed Bomgar chat support with your website, knowledge base or support portal. 

And Bomgar’s Embedded Remote App Support SDK lets you include remote support in your mobile iOS or Android Apps.

Embeddables for Remote Support

Seamless Credential Injection™

Integrating Bomgar Remote Support with Bomgar Vault, or another password vaulting solution, enables support personnel to inject credentials into end servers and systems with just one click. Technicians never see the plain text credentials, so they can’t compromise them.

Seamless Credential Injection™

Security Comes Standard with Native 2FA

Implementing multi factor authentication gives you confidence in the connections your technicians and administrators are making everyday. Bomgar Verify is a TOTP native 2FA capability that can be enabled for any Bomgar user and further verifies the identity of users before a Bomgar session is launched.

Bomgar Verify