Customers can collaborate to resolve more in first tier with Bomgar, eliminating needless, costly escalations.

Collaboration Helps Customers Reduce Escalation and Lower Costs

With Bomgar, customers can impact their key metrics cost-effectively. That’s because Bomgar empowers support organizations to swarm around issues as soon as they occur, bringing in the right people and skillsets without driving up the cost of support.

Only Bomgar has advanced, patent-pending technology that enables collaboration at every stage of the support process. Bomgar lets frontline reps act as a support “concierge,” guiding the end-user through the issue resolution process rather than dumping them up the chain.

Higher level experts are accessible to jump in and out of support issues as needed, which helps to resolve problems as soon as they occur. These cross-tier interactions provide valuable on-the-job training to lower level reps.

And Bomgar extends collaboration beyond an isolated support group. With Bomgar, support reps can bring in external vendors and experts as needed to assist with end-user issues in real-time. Bomgar ensures all this collaboration is secure and manageable.