The Remote Support Appliance™

Customers improve security and lower costs with Bomgar's patented, on-premises deployment.

The Security of Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Appliances


Security is paramount to most Bomgar customers. They want more control over their data. They don't want to risk intermingling their data with that of other companies. Or they want to satisfy industry regulations around data privacy. This stance on security makes an appliance-based approach attractive. 

With Bomgar's physical and on-premises appliances, customers keep sensitive data behind their  own firewall, under the trusted security measures they already have in place. Plus, they eliminate the risk of passing data through a third party hosted solution.

With Bomgar Cloud, customers get the benefits of cloud-based deployment. However, they also get a more segmented environment than is available with software-as-a-service solutions. Cloud-based appliances keep their data separate from that of other Bomgar customers.

Bomgar’s deployment options also let customers integrate more deeply than they would with software-as-a-service. Active Directory and LDAPS can be safely integrated because of the secure, partitioned environments offered by Bomgar Appliances and Bomgar Cloud.