The Top 9 Most Secure Remote PC Access Software of 2014

Remote access to PCs has long been a tricky IT staple. On the one hand, gaining authorized control to your device and its files is a great thing, allowing for users to have quick access to their most essential electronic items. But on the other hand, this convenience has become a bigger and bigger concern for sophisticated hackers and the infiltration techniques they employ to gain access to your devices. Now, the best remote PC access software isn't just the one with the most features; rather, it's the one that's the most difficult for an unauthorized user to breach.

We're taking a look at the top 9 most secure software in this arena, focusing on 10 critical security features that we believe should, at the very least, be standard in today's tech-saturated world. And, also, because we've all become so dependent on mobile computing in this day and age, we're only looking at the software that is available on Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS. Some of the software also have some killer features and impressive extras that more than make up for any areas in which they lack. Here's our top 9. Read more.