Integrations Settings for Vault

In order to integrate with another product, such as Bomgar Remote Support or Bomgar Privileged Access, you must configure the Integration API.

Search Integrations


Type the name of the integration as criteria for searching existing integration records.


When searching for a specific integration, filter by whether the integration is active or not by choosing Yes, No, or Both.


Search for words that appear in the Description field of existing integration records.

Authentication Type

Select the authentication type for the integration you are searching for: Windows authentication, Application authentication, or Both.

Clear Search

Click to erase all entered search criteria.

Note: Deleting an integration does not delete the record of events associated with the integration in Vault.

New Integration

Click New Integration to begin configuring the integration API.


Type a name for the integration.


Type a brief description about the integration, including what application is being integrated with Bomgar Vault.


Select whether the integration is active or not.

Security Configuration

Authentication type

Select whether the third-party integration is being authenticated via Windows or an application.

Authentication credential

Type the credential needed to authenticate the third-party application.

Allowed IP Address

Type the IP address through which the integrating application can be reached.

Add IP Address

Click to add the IP address to the integration record.

Checkout configuration


Specify a checkout reason for the integration.

Requested time (in hours)

Specify how long the integrated application can check out a credential (in hours) from Bomgar Vault.


The statement recorded in logs, showing the reason the credential was checked out using the integrated application.

Justification for skipping workflow approval

Type a statement to justify skipping workflow approval for credential checkout when using the third-party application.


If you would like to make minor changes to an existing integration, you can edit them by clicking the Edit icon.


Are you sure you want to delete ____?

Choose to delete the integration.