Troubleshoot the Integration

Note: If you are a Vault Go! customer, using a shared credential for the integration, or using only shared credentials in your environment, the test cannot be completed without endpoint information configured.

If you experience problems, you can quickly test the API that Vault uses, simulating the plugin request from the PA access console when you connect to a specified endpoint. There are two useful test processes:

  1. The API can be tested directly in Vault.
    • First, back up the web.config, edit the web.config:
      • Go to C:\Program Files\BomgarVault\WebSite\WebServices
      • Open the webservice and comment out or remove the line:
        • <remove name="Documentation"/>
    • Save the file, and restart IIS. Using the same URL you used in the ECM, open a browser and enter the URL.
  2. The Endpoint Credential Manager includes a test function to ensure that the ECM is able to return results. This test simulates the access console's request to the plugin when connecting to endpoints.
    • Click the Test Settings button in the Vault plugin configuration screen.
    • ECm Plugin Test

    • Enter the domain name plus the Vault user ID for the credential you wish to test. Click OK.

      ECM Plugin Endpoint Test

    • Next, enter a Vault endpoint that the user has access to, to test your connection. Click OK.

      Test Results

    • A dialog appears indicating whether any credentials were or were not found. If credentials are found, the results appear in the dialog as well.