Frequently Asked Questions about the Bomgar Vault Discovery Tool

How does the Bomgar Vault Discovery Tool scan my network for privileged accounts?

The discovery tool uses native .NET 4.5 libraries to perform ping scans to detect endpoints on the network. It is important to note that Nmap is not used to determine if endpoints are responsive.

Can I customize what parts of my network are scanned?

Yes. From the Add/Edit Job pages, you can choose which components of your network you would like scanned.

What platform types are scanned using the Bomgar Vault Discovery Tool?

Windows and Linux endpoints can be scanned using the tool.

How does the Bomgar Vault Discovery Tool know which ports are available for scanning Windows endpoints?

NetStat is used to determine which TCP connections are active and available.

Does the Bomgar Vault Discovery tool attempt binding?

Yes. When using Active Directory credentials, the tool performs enumeration over port 389.