Traditional Phone Support Use Case for the BMC Remedy Integration


You must purchase this integration separately from both your Bomgar software and your BMC Remedy solution. For more information, contact Bomgar sales.

This use case starts when a customer calls the service desk and speaks with a representative. Following is the process flow for this use case.

Process Flow

  1. The customer calls the service desk and speaks with a representative.
  2. The support representative opens a new incident in Remedy.
  3. If the support representative determines that remote support is appropriate, they open the incident in Modify mode, where the representative is presented with a Generate Session Key button to issue a Bomgar session key.
  4. The support representative clicks on the Generate Session Key button to get the new session key.
  5. The support representative reads the session key to the customer or sends an email with the URL and session key and establishes a session.
  6. The customer joins the chat session.
  7. The representative interacts with the customer via the chat interface.
  8. At the end of the session, the Incident is updated with the captured information.

Note: This captured information is stored under a separate and branded tab on the incident form and is visible only to the Bomgar support representatives.