Step 2: Set Up a Temporary Support Site

If the service for your appliance goes down for any reason – hardware malfunction, natural disaster, etc. – Bomgar can provide you access to temporary hosted services. Having an up-to-date backup enables you to recreate the settings from your most recent backup.

  1. Contact Bomgar Technical Support at
  2. If it is likely that your appliance will remain out of service for any length of time, Bomgar will set up a temporary site for you and contact you with your temporary site’s hostname and login credentials.
  3. On your temporary site, go to Management > Software Management.
  4. Under the Restore Settings section, browse for the most recent version of your software backup.
  5. Enter the backup password you created and then click Upload Backup.
  6. Your temporary site will now mirror the settings of the site from which the backup was created.
  7. In order to determine the best means of operating from your temporary site, it is important to understand the implications of operating from the temporary hostname versus redirecting your permanent hostname to the temp IP.