Jump Interface: Use Bomgar Connect Jump Items to Support Unattended Systems

Note: Jump Clients are an add-on which can be purchased separately from your Bomgar Connect software. For information about purchasing an add-on, contact Bomgar Sales at www.bomgar.com/contact.

Bomgar Jump Technology enables privileged users to connect to an unattended remote system to start a session without end-user assistance. Install Jump Clients to run support sessions on unattended computers. You also may start a Local RDP session with a computer on your LAN/VPN, saving Jump Shortcuts for frequently accessed machines.

The Jump interface appears in the bottom half of the representative console. Click Refresh to see the Jump Items available to you. The list may contain both Jump Clients and Local RDP shortcuts.

Jump Items are grouped according to who can access them – only the user who created them or all users. You may have permission to see Jump Items pinned to other users' personal Jump Groups.

Jump Interface

Jump to a Jump Item

Browse through groups or dynamically search for computers.

Once you have found the computer you wish to access, double-click the entry, or select the entry and click the Jump button. This attempts to start a session with the remote computer.

Note: If you need to access Jump Items when no user is available, make sure the session permissions are set either to disable prompting or to default to Allow for unattended sessions.