What's New in Bomgar 12.1


Get an overview of the newest features introduced in Bomgar 12.1, including:

  • Elevated Access Mode
  • iPhone and Android Representative Console
  • iOS Customer Client
  • iPad Dashboard
  • All Users Bomgar Button
  • Nudge Customer Client
  • Remote Screen Capture
  • And much more!
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Transcript: What's New in Bomgar 12.1

Welcome. We're going to show you what's new in Bomgar 12.1.

Elevated Access Mode

When supporting a computer with a customer client in elevated mode, the representative can choose to run a Special Action in the current user context or in system context. This provides a quick way to launch applications commonly needed to troubleshoot issues as an administrator.

Read Through Customer Agreement

When presented with a customer agreement at the beginning of a session, the customer must check a box indicating acceptance before continuing.

Two Tier Customer Agreement

When a support session starts in click-to-chat mode, a brief customer agreement is displayed, making no mention of the wider set of features available only when running the full customer client. When a session is elevated to the full client version or when it starts in that mode, a longer customer agreement is displayed, indicating the potential for screen sharing and other such capabilities.

Streamlined Session Start

You can configure your site so that when customers submit a session key, two options are available. You can prompt your customers to confirm that they want to join a support session or a presentation before receiving the client download. Or you can disable this prompt so that the customer client download begins as soon as the key is submitted. The redirect page shows the representative's name or the presentation title, along with browser-specific hints on how to run the customer client. This confirmation option can be set up for each public site.

iPhone and Android Representative Console

You can support customers through a Bomgar representative console designed specifically for your device. Devices added in this release include the Apple iPhone, Android tablets, and Android phones. The native Bomgar representative console is available from the Apple App Store or the Android Market.

iOS Customer Client

You can support iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices. Chat with the end-user, transfer files to the mobile device, and view the device's system information. You can push a URL to an embedded browser within the customer client for simultaneous viewing, with the customer able to navigate within the browser. The customer can also select images to share with the representative.

iPad Dashboard

Access the dashboard from the iPad representative console. The dashboard provides privileged users a quick overview of all logged-in team members and of any sessions they may be running. You can take over or transfer sessions or monitor a team member's desktop.

iPad Representative Invite

From within the iPad representative console, the representative can invite an external representative to participate in a session.

All Users Bomgar Button

You can now install a Bomgar Button not only for the current user but for all users on a shared workstation running Windows. When mass deploying Bomgar Buttons through an MSI, a switch allows the administrator to install the button for the current user or all users. The Bomgar Button can be removed from the Add/Remove Programs or the System Management Tools.

Nudge Customer Client

When supporting a remote computer, the representative can use audible and visual alerts to prompt or nudge the customer when end-user interaction is needed. There is a five-second delay enforced between nudge attempts.

Remote Screen Capture

When in a session, you can now capture a screenshot of the remote desktop, including all monitors being viewed. The screenshot can be copied to the local clipboard or saved to file on the local system. In the chat window, you can see where the file was saved and are presented with a link to open the file or the folder where the file is located. These links remain active even after the customer has left the session. The remote screenshot function is cross-platform, allowing you to save full-resolution images of the remote system being accessed.

Restrict End User Interaction

When screen sharing, you can avoid customer interference by temporarily suspending remote mouse and keyboard inputs. The customer will see a message informing them of this state, including instructions on how to regain control.

Spell Check for Chat

When chatting, spell check can help the representative catch misspellings before replying to a customer. Misspelled words are underlined, and suggested corrections are offered. Spell check is available in all chat and session note windows and can be disabled through a representative console setting.

Representative Extended Availability

From the representative console, enabled representatives can change their extended availability mode, turning it on or off. If it is on, representatives will receive email notification of session invitations, regardless of whether they are logged into the representative console or not. This feature is especially helpful when supporting from a mobile device.

IPv6 Support

With companies transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6, Bomgar provides support for both addressing schemes. An administrator can assign an IPv6 address to their Bomgar Appliance, regardless of model or version. Bomgar clients, such as the representative console, customer client, integration client, and so forth support both IPv4 and IPv6 network communication protocols.