System Info Logging


Configure Bomgar to log the remote device's system information at the beginning of a session. Also determine whether to log all available information or a standard set of data for mobile devices.

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Transcript: System Info Logging

When diagnosing recurring problems, or when determining the typical operating system and memory assets of your customer base, it can be helpful to have a log of details about each supported system.

From your /login interface, click the Configuration tab and then scroll down to Support Session Logging Options. At the bottom of this section, you can choose to log the remote computer's system information as soon as the session connects. This information will be available in the session detail report. The amount and types of data logged varies according to the remote operating system.

When it comes to mobile devices, such as Smartphones, choose Standard to pull a small set of data. Although not much info will be logged, choosing Standard frees up network and devices resources to give representatives a quick connection speed from the start of the session.

The other mobile logging option is Extended. While this may slow the initial connection speed, Extended pulls all available system info, providing an in-depth view of the device's resources.

Note that system info logging is unrelated to the system info tab in the representative console. If logging is turned off, no system information will be stored, even if the representative views the system info during a session. Conversely, if logging is on, system information will be stored even if the session is never accepted.