Advanced Reporting


Bomgar's logging and recording capabilities capture extensive detail about support sessions and give administrators critical visibility into support activity. Filter reports using various parameters, and export reports.

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Transcript: Advanced Reporting


Bomgar's logging and recording capabilities capture extensive detail about support sessions and give administrators critical visibility into support activity. This level of visibility helps protect your business and your customers' data.

Support Reports

To run a detailed report of session activity, go to the Reports page of your /login interface.

For the report type, select Session. If you know a session's unique ID or its sequence number, you can enter this value to go directly to that session's details.

Alternatively, combine filters to narrow your selection to the specific sessions you wish to view. Date Range sets a start date and either a duration or an end date. Find sessions with a specific customer based on customer name, company name, computer name, or public or private IP address.

If delimited by representative, find sessions where either any representative joined or no representative joined. You also can search for sessions where any member of a specific team or Embassy joined, with the option to restrict the results to sessions where that representative was the primary representative in the session. Further, you can search for sessions where a specific representative participated or was the primary representative.

You also can search for sessions which were transferred to at least one team or Embassy queue before being accepted by a representative or which were never in a team or Embassy queue. Alternatively refine your search by selecting only sessions that were in a specific team or Embassy queue, optionally requiring that this queue be the primary queue.

Should you have more than one public site defined, find all sessions that were started from a specific public site. For sessions that were assigned an external key, search by external key. You can select this option and leave the field blank to search for sessions that were not assigned an external key.

Choose whether to search for only completed sessions or to include sessions that are still in progress.

To download the report as a CSV spreadsheet, click the Download Report button. To view the report as a web page, click Show Report. This will result in a table of information about all sessions that match your criteria. To view detailed information about a specific session, click the Details link.

Session Details

The Session Details section contains information about the session itself, including links to the chat transcript, session recording, and command shell recordings.

Under Session Actors, view the customer's and primary representative's names and IP addresses, as well as any additional reps and the primary team to which this session belonged.

Session Events details every action that took place during the session, including who performed the action, which permissions were requested, whether these permissions were allowed or denied, and any messages that were displayed in the chat interface. If automatic system information logging is enabled, you can view the full system information of the remote machine.

The chat transcript shows the history of chat messages. The session recording provides a Flash video playback of the screen sharing session, including annotation of who was in control of the mouse and keyboard at all points during the session. You can also view a Flash video of each command shell session that was run through the representative console.

Summary Reports

Summary reports provide an overview of activity over time, grouped by representative, by team or Embassy, or by public site. You may apply filters to narrow your results. Only completed sessions will be included. Statistics include the number of total sessions run, the average number of sessions per weekday, and the average duration of a session.

Exit Survey Reports

Run reports on customer or representative exit surveys to view responses to custom questions. Set optional filters and designate the public site for which to pull the report. Only completed sessions will be included. In addition to brief customer, rep, and team information, you will see a column for each question included in the survey.

Team/Embassy Activity Reports

When running a team or Embassy activity report, set a date range and select the team or Embassy to view. Information includes activity such as team members logging in and out of the representative console, chat messages and files shared between representatives, and team leads and managers monitoring team members from the dashboard. Also view sessions transferred to or from the team queue as well as Jump Clients added for or removed from team access.

Presentation Reports

Finally, you can set a date range for which to view presentation reports. Presentation session details include the session ID, the presentation name, its time and duration, and links to the chat transcript and session recording.

Under Session Actors, view information about the presenter and each attendee, including name and IP addresses as well as the time each joined or left the presentation.

The Session Events section details everything that took place during the presentation, including when it took place, who performed the action, and any messages that were displayed in the chat interface.