Updates for Support Administrators

Bomgar 11.1 contains the following updates for Bomgar administration.

Feature Standard Enterprise

Bomgar Analytics1Additional requirements may apply.

Allows a help desk manager to see areas that need improvement and to effect change in the support organization by showing trending and statistics of Bomgar data, such as customer satisfaction rates, utilization, abandonment rates, and other metrics. The data visualizations and tables are customizable to suit the unique business needs of each support desk organization.


Embassy Authentication

Grants the ability to integrate Embassy users with a security provider to enable the same authentication support as normal (non-Embassy) users.


Session Key Generation Disabling

Administrators can disallow a representative to generate session keys from the Representative Console. This can be used to force reps to generate session keys from an external tracking system, thereby linking each session with the appropriate external key.

Mobile System Info Logging

If the site-wide option to record system information is enabled, all system information on mobile devices, such as battery and memory, can now be logged. Administrators can choose to log full information for mobile devices or a concise view.

Customer Client Startup Options

A site-wide setting determines whether customer clients should start in full chat mode, with the chat area hidden, or with the entire client minimized to the task bar. The minimization option can be applied to attended sessions, Jump Client sessions, and Jumpoint sessions.

Inactive Session Timeout

Administrators can set a site-wide timeout for idle reps, effectively pushing them out of a session after a designated length of inactivity. This helps Bomgar customers meet compliance initiatives with inactivity requirements.

Session Handling APIs

The API has been extended to enable a rep to join an existing session and to connect to a Jump Client programmatically. Additionally, script the API to generate session keys and associate them with external keys.

Uninterrupted License Update

Customers will be able to apply additional licenses without having to schedule around an interruption in service. Licenses will now be able to be applied without having to restart the Bomgar software. Customers must be running at least 11.1 at the time of license addition for the update to occur without the appliance restarting.