Jump Client Management

Centrally manage and report on all deployed Jump Clients. New enhancements include the ability to view a list of all Jump Clients, see status and statistics for each one, and perform some administrative functions, such as editing a deployed Jump Client. Search capabilities have also been enhanced.

You may manage an expanding list of Jump Clients deployed on your network from the Jump Client Management interface. Click the Manage button, or select the Support dropdown, then Jump Client Management. From the Management interface you may view the number and connection status of all deployed Jump Clients connected to your appliance, especially helpful after an upgrade or reboot. Key statistics and many administrative functions also exist conveniently in this interface, as well as a search box to enable quick access to specific Jump Clients.

Jump Client Management Interface

Move Jump Clients in the Jump Client Management interface from one queue to another by right-clicking the Jump Client you wish to move and then selecting Move to Queue or Move to Rep. From the dialog that appears, select the queue to which you wish to move the Jump Client and then click OK. To move a client to or from a team queue, you must be a member of that team. To move a client to or from a representative’s queue other than your own, you must be a Team Manager or Team Lead on one or more of that representative’s teams, with a higher role than that representative. Further organize Jump Clients by clicking Grouping and then selecting Move to New Group or Move to Existing Group. Ungroup moves the Jump Client back into its top-level group.

The same Jump Client statistics appear in the Management interface, plus several more, based on the options your administrator sets. Added fields include IP address, last-accessed date, and name of current jumped-in user. The interface displays all of your deployed Jump Clients. Features of the Management interface include multi-select editing of Jump Clients, move in-mass between queues, move between Embassies, temporarily enable or disable Jump Clients. To export the Jump Client listing to a .csv file, click the Export button and save the file as desired.