Changing internal static IP on the bomgar address.

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Good day everyone,

I am currently planning of moving my appliance Bomgar 200 to a different company VPN for internal processes and political reason. My concern is when moved the appliance will be on a different internal IP range.Can someone tell me what are the implications of this change if any. I already confirm on the certificate side of things and I am happy with the response.


Many thanks in advance

Anele Takane

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    Stephan Rissac
    ALTES Informatique


    The two most important things I see for you change are :

    - DNS make just that they point to the new Eternal IP address

    - NAT on the LAN make sure that the redirection of the request for you Bomgar point to the proper internal address

    If you have Jump Clients I would suggest to make some test before starting the move.

    Should you need more explanation let me know

    Stephan Rissac
    ALTES Informatique
    Bomgar Admin Certified

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