Last week, Apple’s latest and highly anticipated iOS 7 software release was made available for all Apple users. The complete makeover of one of the most popular operating systems makes iOS feel new again, and depending on who you are, that can be good and bad. If you’ve taken the time to explore and navigate, iOS 7's new design makes it a compelling upgrade that completely transforms Apple's mobile OS.

As fellow geeks, most of us here at Bomgar have taken the plunge and made the upgrade. Here are some of the thumbs-up comments from your friends at Bomgar:

  • Swiping up from the bottom for flashlight…not bad.
  • The phone can be used as a level – within the compass app. Very cool.
  • Closing apps by double tapping home – and then swiping them off into the distance.
  • The change of design to the user interface: everything seems to be more minimalized and simplified, giving the phone's features a more integrated look and feel.
  • Full screen safari browsing – a great improvement.
  • Text messages have more color now, making for a great use of contrast.
  • Being able to swipe back and forth in the camera/video vs. the little button that was there before.
  • Being able to play iTunes radio and get to the flashlight without even unlocking the phone.
  • The Control Panel provides easier access to commonly used controls.
  • On the device management side: enhanced volume purchase program, and enterprise single sign on.
  • Favorite iPhone 5S favorite feature is the Touch ID fingerprint reader.

Keep up the good work Apple!

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