It’s not news to anyone that iPhones and iPads are popular. However, it may be newsworthy to note the increasing popularity of iOS devices for businesses, whether provided by the companies themselves or brought into work by employees. In response, Bomgar has gone to great lengths to answer the market demands for iOS remote support capabilities. As most of our customers know, we already provide the most extensive platform support on the market – allowing our customers to remotely support nearly everything short of the kitchen sink. The market demand isn’t yet there for the sink, but we did find a way to get you a few steps closer to your end-users’ iPhones and iPads. This is a continuation of our commitment to leave no system or device unreachable, allowing you to increase your reps’ productivity and your customers’ satisfaction.

This summer, we introduced a slick, integrated way to deploy configuration profiles to iPhones and iPads, which allows reps to configure email, WiFi, etc. on iOS devices. With our next release, we are adding the ability to chat with customers, transfer files, and view critical system info needed for quick diagnoses. Reps will also be able to jointly view an end-user’s web page or web app via screen sharing, a superior way to help a user navigate to the correct URL, fill out a form, or configure a web app, rather than clunky over-the-phone support. The rep can even eliminate the hassle of typing in a URL by pushing the URL directly to the iPhone.

We’ve all experienced those frustrating situations where the end-user just can’t seem to explain what they’re seeing or describe the problem. Often a picture really is worth a thousand words. So the new Bomgar iOS Customer Client will also allow the end-user to grab screen shots of their device and share them with the remote rep. The rep can simply ask the customer to go to the problem area or a configuration screen, grab the screen shot, and show it to the rep in the Bomgar app via screen sharing.

Of course, since Bomgar is the most secure remote support product on the market, we continue our model of recording and logging everything that occurs during a support session. With the Bomgar iOS Customer Client, all of the chat, file transfer, and system info viewing is logged, and the screen sharing of the browser and the screen shots are included in the recording.

It’s clear that technology support is getting more complicated, maybe exponentially so. That’s why Bomgar is focused on finding ways to make your support desk or IT organization more successful.
Please watch the video below to check out the new iOS features in action, or if you’re a Bomgar customer, join me for an exclusive look at these new capabilities on Tuesday, October 25th at 9:00am EST or 12pm EST.

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Donald Hasson

Director of ITSM Product Management at Bomgar

As Director of ITSM Product Management, Donald works with a variety of stakeholders in the product development lifecycle to help drive product strategy and enhancements across Bomgar’s ITSM product line. Donald brings more than decade of experience to Bomgar in various aspects of systems engineering, product management, and design at startups and large organizations. Prior to joining Bomgar, Donald was a systems engineer at a wireless startup company, and prior to that at Honeywell Aerospace on a team building the first GPS navigation system for the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida.