How do your business users rate your IT service desk’s performance? And how does it compare to how your service desk rates its own performance? If the answers to those two questions don’t match, you’re not alone. A recent Forrester Research survey found that when IT and business organizations are asked whether IT delivers high-quality, timely end user support that anticipates employee/customer needs, there is a huge disparity. IT professionals think they are doing a good job, whereas the business disagrees.

Yesterday, Bomgar hosted a joint webinar with Forrester Senior Analyst, Amy DeMartine, and Nathan McNeill, co-founder and chief strategy officer with Bomgar that explores why this gap exists and what service desks can do about it. In case you couldn’t attend, here’s what you missed:

Amy explained that today’s service desks need to understand that business users are more empowered than they’ve been in the past. They know more about the technology they’re using to get their jobs done, and the internet is now a source of free information to answer questions about those technologies. For the service desk to stay relevant, you need to change your focus to keep those employees coming back for help. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on the happiness of the end user, and provides an outline and best practices for how to deliver high quality, timely end user support that anticipates employee and customer needs.

The webinar also features insight from Nathan that specifically focuses on how the service desk can improve the customer experience through remote support. He points to the importance of an integrated support process and having the correct tools in place in order to apply and achieve the best practices recommend by Forrester. An integrated support process includes self-service, support tickets, chat, remote support and surveys. Providing a consistent support experience across all devices utilized by customers and employees is also imperative – if you don’t support them on whatever system they are using for their job, it’s likely they will go elsewhere for help.

Want more details? Click here to watch a recording of the webinar.

And don’t forget to sign up for our next information-packed webinar on March 12, 2014, at 3pm EDT: “Stop Squandering Service Management Spend: Maximize ROI through utilization and integration.”

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