Both cost effective and user-friendly, chat support is able to reduce handling times and improve customer satisfaction. But without proper planning, incorporating a chat capability into tech support can be a daunting task, even if it’s a necessary one.

Bomgar’s Donald Hasson outlined how a company can implement chat support in 10 steps in an article published in Network World, “10 Steps to Ensure Success When Implementing Chat for Customer Support.” This detailed step-by-step guide to chat support is critical to the success of employing chat as a support channel between an organization and its end-users.

Among the tips covered by Donald in his article:

  1. Establish a baseline: Establish a baseline of key service performance metrics which can include volume by channel, overall workload, handle time, time to resolve tickets by issue, overall resolution rate, and customer satisfaction.
  2. Identify ideal issue types for chat: Review types of issues and identify how the features of chat could hurt or improve efficiency and resolution times for customers.
  3. Promote chat in the right places: Create a communication plan that will drive ideal customer behavior and minimize the concern that organizations have with what percentage and what type of tickets will come through chat.
  4. Determine optimal staffing levels: Build the proper staff to ensure that service levels for chat are consistent with its phone service levels. This will help avoid a scenario in which customers overwhelm a particular channel.
  5. Assess who should staff chat: Develop a chat and phone skills matrix to rank the best agents for each channel – do not simply rely on top phone agents.

Make sure to check out the full article, and report back here for further tips to surviving the ever-evolving tech world!

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