Last week, I attended my first industry trade shows since I've joined Bomgar. The halls at InfoSecurity Europe were filled with exhibitors promoting how their technology can make businesses more secure. I learned about a lot of fascinating products, but found myself drawn to the presentations focused on the human element. The security industry makes the general assumption that people can't be trusted, yet most people feel they are trustworthy and may be insulted at being considered guilty until proved innocent. Corporate security policies that are clearly defined, communicated, and explained can go a long way to addressing the human need for feeling valued by an employer while balancing the very real needs to implement security practices and technologies that protect cybersecurity. Technology plays a critical role but neglecting the impact on the people who will be affected by it may result in not maximizing the product's success.  As a product marketer, I'm challenging myself to think about how our secure access products like Privileged Access and Vault not only help increase security and reduce the chance for cyberbreaches, but also impact the day-to-day activities of IT professionals. 

The theme of security was also prevalent at SITS, the ITSM trade show held concurrently with InfoSecurity Europe.  In one presentation about what the ITSM professional will look like in 2020, topics included "shadow IT" and analytics, all of which relate to cybersecurity.  Even Bomgar's presentation on the benefits of chat support touched on the security expectations of customers when they are using chat as a channel to receive assistance.  Millennials are a growing consumer force, and prefer chat support instead of picking up the phone – and they expect that their chat sessions are secure – the same expectation of Gen-X'ers like me!

With Bomgar's long history as a remote support provider, and our more recent focus and expansion in the privileged access space, being able to attend the two trade show events at the same time drove home that both industries have their own challenges and growth opportunities.  It's an exciting time for both industries and for Bomgar, and I look forward to what's next!

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Stacy Blaiss

Director, Product Marketing