Ever wish you could remote desktop to a server directly from the alert in your systems management tool? 

Have you ever wanted more context about an employee's previous interactions with IT before you started helping him?

Do you want to know how people really feel about their support experience?

Have you ever thought, "Man, it'd really be nice for the ticket to be automatically updated with all the [troubleshooting steps I took | things the customer said about her issue | eloquent (or snarky) notes I made post-session] without having to type that in manually"?

All those troubles, and more, are satisfactorily solved when you integrate Bomgar with your service desk or systems management solution. We made a little infographic to demonstrate how.

Bomgar ITSM/Service Desk IntegrationInfographic Using Bomgar with Your Help Desk, Service Desk, or Systems Management Tool

With most systems management or ticketing integrations, a Bomgar remote support session can be launched from a ticket or case. Then, at the close of the support session, Bomgar updates the original ticket or case with details (e.g., chat transcript) from the support session.

While the specifics of each integration vary somewhat among our different integration partners, the flow from the tool to Bomgar, and then from Bomgar back into the tool is basically the same.

Currently Bomgar works with Autotask, BMC, Dell KACE, Cherwell,  Hornbill, HP, TOPdesk, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and SunView ChangeGear. We can also help you develop custom tie-ins with internal systems.

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